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The Gordian Knot of Justice: Prosecuting Jewish Holocaust Survivors in Stalinist Courts for "Collaboration" with the Enemy. Dumitru, Diana Report Sep 22, 2021 12190
The Round Table in 1989--Consequences and Evaluation. Polak, Wojciech; Galij-Skarbinska, Sylwia Report Sep 1, 2021 3249
Introduction: Sexuality, respectability and communism. Weesjes, Elke Mar 22, 2021 3024
Canadian Communism at the Crossroads, 1956-1957: An Introduction. Palmer, Bryan D. Report Mar 22, 2021 5934
1945: liberation without freedom: Zbigniew Gniatkowski describes the impact on Poland of the final defeat of Nazi Germany, 75 years ago in May. Zbigniew, He May 1, 2020 877
The Great Terror of 1941: Toward a History of Wartime Stalinist Criminal Justice. Budnitskii, Oleg; Hale-Dorrell, Aaron Report Jun 22, 2019 14522
WHAT'S RUSSIA TO USE. Codevilla, Angelo M. Essay Jun 22, 2019 4327
Communist Party USA Is 100 Years Old This Year: Most Americans are unaware of the total betrayal by communists in the United States, including loyalty to a foreign power and actions to violently overthrow the government. Byas, Steve May 20, 2019 4328
How Can We Write Better Histories of Communism? Palmer, Bryan D. Mar 22, 2019 16827
'Be a better communist': the life story of a Portuguese militant. Strippoli, Giulia Report Mar 22, 2019 10837
The Communist Party of Cyprus, the Comintern and the uprising of 1931: thoughts on the 'apologia of Charalambos Vatyliotis (Vatis). Choumerianos, Manolis; Sakellaropoulos, Spyros Report Mar 22, 2019 6929
South Africa's Soviet theoretical legacy. Filatova, Irina Sep 22, 2018 6568
Speaking of Communism: How Badiou Subtracts Class from Marx's Speeches on the Paris Commune to Produce a New (Infantile) Communism. Tumino, Stephen Critical essay Sep 22, 2018 18574
THE RED MENACE. Jaques, Carrol Sep 22, 2018 5114
Giving China to the Communists: Chinese Nationalist Chiang Kai-shek was a loyal ally to America during WWII, but a handful of U.S. leaders poisoned American policy toward him, while building up the communists. Byas, Steve Sep 17, 2018 5265
Stalinist Crimes and the Ethics of Memory. Kalashnikov, Antony Critical essay Jun 22, 2018 12023
October in Contraption-Land: politics and history in Portugal. Neves, Jose Mar 22, 2018 3446
France and the centenary of October. Bowd, Gavin Mar 22, 2018 1527
Goodbye to all that: remembering 1917 in the UK. Medhurst, John Mar 22, 2018 2161
War and revolution: Romanian retrospectives on the centenary of Red October. Anton, Mioara Mar 22, 2018 1743
Civil society in Romania/Zivilgesellschaft in Rumanien. Stoenescu, Roxana Report Mar 1, 2018 6620
The Bolshevik Revolution After 100 Years. Byas, Steve Nov 6, 2017 4366
The one hundredth anniversary of the Russian revolution. Whaples, Robert M. Brief article Sep 14, 2017 322
The black swan of the Russian revolution. Gregory, Paul R. Sep 14, 2017 2212
Reflections on the East German revolution of 1989. Pierard, Richard V. Mar 22, 2017 4163
Communism, democracy and the left: what lessons on democracy and politics can we learn from the history of communism? Makin-Waite, Mike Mar 22, 2017 4352
Music in Czechoslovakia in the Stalinist era: Part 3. Pantucek, Viktor Oct 1, 2016 4544
'We all miss you': Enrico Berlinguer in post-Berlin Wall Italy. Cooke, Philip; Fantoni, Gianluca Essay Jul 1, 2016 6254
Communism and condominium: the communist state and the freedom regime in the traditional Romanian villages. Trandafir, Cristinel Essay Oct 1, 2015 5441
The Romanian religious press in the early years of the communist regime: elements of the official political discourse in the editorial content. Safta, Gabriela Report Oct 1, 2015 4577
The historiography of the Russian revolution 100 years on. Smith, S.A. Essay Sep 22, 2015 7475
Calling planet Marx: Nicolae Ceaucescu's cultural revolution. Bowd, Gavin Report Jul 1, 2015 3867
Editorial. Croxson, Penny; LaPorte, Norry Editorial Feb 1, 2015 1428
Socialist and communist networks and representatives in Brittany: comparisons and reflections (1920-1989). Prigent, Francois Report Feb 1, 2015 6675
Communism in Scandinavia. Saarela, Tauno Report Feb 1, 2015 6474
The International Union of Seamen and Harbour Workers (ISH) 1930-1937: interclubs and transnational aspects. Margain, Constance Report Feb 1, 2015 3833
The foreign road to the homeland: Paris and the national turn of a Portuguese Communist. Neves, Jose Essay Jul 1, 2014 6797
Spanish communism in exile: the unexpected resolution of the Communist International. Farras, Josep Puigsech Essay Jul 1, 2014 7461
Christian anti-communism. Kirby, Dianne Essay Jul 1, 2014 9196
A century of anti-communisms: a roundtable discussion. Discussion Jan 1, 2014 13494
The myth of the outsider: from Whitehall to Elysium Row, 1917-21. Chattopadhyay, Suchetana Report Jan 1, 2014 6586
Comparing local communisms. Wirsching, Andreas Report Jan 1, 2013 6770
Disputed memory: the Munich Council Republic and the KPD's politics of history (Geschichtspolitik). Zehetmair, Sebastian Report Jan 1, 2013 8645
Communists and French railway workers, 1920-1934: the Parisian leadership of the Cheminots Unitaires. Beaumont, Thomas Report Jan 1, 2013 6847
Canadian Communists and the politics of nature in British Columbia, 1936-1956. Martin, Eryk Report Jan 1, 2013 7769
Communists and Muslims: the years of alliance. Fowkes, Ben; Gokay, Bulent Report Jan 1, 2013 10610
Sovietisation in Uzbekistan 1980-1991: success or failure? Akyildiz, Sevket; Carlson, Richard Report Jan 1, 2013 6390
'Little Moscows' revisited. What we can learn from French and German cases. Knotter, Ad Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 6109
Scottish Communism 1962-91: from re-growth to extinction--a view from the inside. Thompson, Willie Report Jan 1, 2013 4957
Bohemian Bolsheviks after World War II: a minority within a minority. Wald, Alan Essay Sep 22, 2012 12693
The identity of Ceausescu's Communist Regime and its image in the West. Aldea, Patricia Gonzalez Essay Jan 1, 2012 6577
Democracy in the countries of the Western Balkans: nominal or crucial transformation of the political systems after the end of communism. Karadjoski, Mladen Report Jan 1, 2012 3479
Macedonia's public policies and social transformation. Jashari, Hasan Report Jan 1, 2012 3984
'Communism is English': Edgell Rickword, Jack Lindsay and the cultural politics of the popular front. Harker, Ben Essay Sep 22, 2011 9166
The long life of Stalinism: reflections on the aftermath of totalitarianism and social memory. Tumarkin, Maria M. Essay Jun 22, 2011 7782
Communist influence in the Mideast uprisings: though pro-communist groups may not have initiated the uprisings in the Middle East, evidence shows that they are well situated to exploit the unrest for their own ends. Gomez, Christian Apr 4, 2011 2423
Russia. Mar 14, 2011 467
Categories: the end of the Soviet Union. Mar 14, 2011 368
Does democracy stand a chance? Twenty years after the collapse of Communism, are the Russian people ready for freedom? Harvey, Mary Mar 14, 2011 1098
Introduction: 1968 and after--between crisis and opportunity. Cross, Richard Report Jan 1, 2011 3103
The rise and decline of communism in South Asia: a review essay. Gupta, Sobhanlal Datta Essay Jan 1, 2011 7800
Latin America and studies of communism. Spenser, Daniela Jan 1, 2010 5569
The unknown war: the defeat of communism 20 years ago was the most liberating moment in history. So why don't we talk about it more? Welch, Matt Cover story Nov 1, 2009 1315
The origins of the Asian Cold War: Malaya 1948. Hack, Karl Report Oct 1, 2009 14268
The beginnings of a 'Cold War' in Southeast Asia: British and Australian perceptions. Wade, Geoff Report Oct 1, 2009 12833
"I want my file!" The private side of German reunification: when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 two German nations became one for the first time in almost half a century. Paul Betts looks at the consequences in the concluding part of our short series on the collapse of Soviet Communism. Betts, Paul Oct 1, 2009 3036
'First and only complete copy' of the Communist Manifesto is safe. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 221
The trouble with revisionism: or communist history with the history left in. Morgan, Kevin Essay Mar 22, 2009 11509
Faction figure: James P. Cannon, early communist history, and radical faith. Arnesen, Eric Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 7791
Dead martyrs and living leaders: the cult of the individual within finnish communism. Saarela, Tauno Jan 1, 2009 7251
National traditions and the leader cult in communist Hungary in the early cold war years. Apor, Balazs Jan 1, 2009 8576
Ho Chi Minh: creator or victim of Vietnamese communism? Judge, Sophie Quinn Jan 1, 2009 7897
'Our only ornament': Tom Mann and British communist 'hagiography'. Howe, Antony Jan 1, 2009 7250
Re-imagining the cavalier of hope: the Brazilian communist party and the images of Luiz Carlos Prestes. Santana, Marco Aurelio Jan 1, 2009 6792
Construction and deconstruction of a cult: Edgar Lalmand and the Communist Party of Belgium. Gotovitch, Jose Jan 1, 2009 9710
Writing the history of twentieth century communism. Beilharz, Peter; McDermott, Kevin; Bayerlein, Bernhard H. Jan 1, 2009 4007
'Should we all be on Marx's side?' Contributions of post-marxist discourse theory to the historiography of communism. Lopes, Antonio Jan 1, 2009 8431
Poland's memory crisis: reconciliation is not following in the wake of the search for truth about the past in one former Warsaw Pact country, Colin Graham reports. Graham, Colin Nov 1, 2008 1066
Passing through the iron curtain. Sep 22, 2008 3267
Roadlessness and the 'path to communism': Building roads and highways in Stalinist Russia. Siegelbaum, Lewis H. Essay Sep 1, 2008 8917
Opium of the intellectuals. Congdon, Lee Aug 27, 2007 1447
Dreams of terror: dreams from Stalinist Russia as a historical source. Paperno, Irina Sep 22, 2006 15321
The civic duty to hate: Stalinist citizenship as political practice and civic emotion (Kiev, 1943-53). Yekelchyk, Serhy Jun 22, 2006 13239
Rulers and victims: the Russians in the Soviet Union: Geoffrey Hosking looks at the place of Russia within the Soviet Union, a position fraught with paradoxes that still resonate today. Hosking, Geoffrey Apr 1, 2006 3790
Robitnytsia, Ukrainian communists, and the 'porcupinism' debate: reassessing ethnicity, gender, and class in early Canadian communism, 1922-1930. Sangster, Joan Sep 22, 2005 17562
Maurice Spector, James P. Cannon, and the Origins of Canadian Trotskyism. Palmer, Bryan D. Sep 22, 2005 27883
Communism's resurgence: Communism is not dead in Latin America. In fact, the dominoes are falling south of the border, but no one seems to be noticing. Jasper, William F. Jan 24, 2005 2621
Stalin's topsy-turvy work week: Clive Foss investigates how Stalin changed the calendar to keep the Soviet people continually at work. Foss, Clive Sep 1, 2004 1406
The Bolshevik-Menshevik split; November 16th, 1903. Cavendish, Richard Nov 1, 2003 654
The dogs that don't bark: a watchdog will not bark at a burglar if it recognizes him as a friend. The mainstream media's failure to "bark" at Communism's crimes speaks volumes about its loyalty. (Blackout). Jasper, William F. Feb 10, 2003 2746
Eric Hobsbawm: lying to the credulous. Pryce-Jones, David Jan 1, 2003 3162
A Chinese century: the world's largest nation rouses itself. (Top of the Review). Kunkel, Thomas Dec 1, 2002 751
Secular Yiddishkait: Left politics, culture, and community. Reiter, Ester Mar 22, 2002 10689
Nina Ponomareva's Hats": the new revisionism, the Communist International, and the Communist party of Great Britain, 1920-1930. (Controversies/Controverses). Mcllroy, John; Campbell, Alan Mar 22, 2002 19020
Renewing socialism. Panitch, Leo Feb 1, 2002 4481
Telling the story of a brutal time: priest films documentary about Christians in communist Czechoslovakia. (World). Patterson, Margot Jan 25, 2002 1562
Ralph Ellison, Richard Wright, and the Case of Angelo Herndon. Griffiths, Frederick T. Critical Essay Dec 22, 2001 14000
Canadian Marxists and the Search for a Third Way McGill-Queen's, 1999. Naylor, Jim Critical Essay Sep 1, 2000 1588
Ilya Ehrenburg: Eternal Chameleon. Bloom, Cecil Sep 1, 2000 2619
`"Dark red subject has arrived": a British communist visits Australia'(1). DEERY, PHILLIP Jun 1, 2000 5824
Remembering Milovan Djilas. Pryce-Jones, David Oct 1, 1999 3831
The Rules. Oct 1, 1999 3165
THE END OF THE COLD WAR: A RUSSIAN VIEW. Batyuk, Vladimir Apr 1, 1999 3096
Notes & Comments: April 1999. Apr 1, 1999 1471
A Cold War Over the Cold War? ALTERMAN, ERIC Feb 15, 1999 1761
A perspective on history: the Soviet system reconsidered. Laue, Theodore von Jan 1, 1999 3580
Cold War along the `Cactus Curtain': from 1954 through 1973, Latin America was a prime theater of the Cold War. Conflicts were waged from Guatemala in Central America, on Caribbean islands, to the tip of South America in Chile. These behind-the-scenes battles cost the lives of some 50 Americans. They died along what became symbolically known as the "Cactus Curtain." (America's Military Heritage Cold War: Part XIX). Kolb, Richard K. Jan 1, 1999 4233
Notes on a native son. Alterman, Eric Obituary Oct 19, 1998 998
"Neither mine nor thine": communist experiments in Hussite Bohemia. Fudge, Thomas A. Apr 1, 1998 11211
I Was a Communist for the FBI. Leab, Dan Dec 1, 1996 3449
Museum pieces. Alterman, Eric Nov 13, 1995 1277
The old barbarism and the new. Heller, Henry Cover Story Jun 1, 1995 2154
The adventures of Vallieres and Gagnon. Reid, Malcolm Biography Apr 1, 1995 4059
Edmund Wilson and the problem of Marx: history, biography, and 'To the Finland Station.' Corkin, Stanley Jan 1, 1993 6618
Marxism's obit is premature. Fox, Robin May 14, 1990 1313
Meet the volks. Cockburn, Alexander column Apr 9, 1990 226
Gorby and Z. Sherwin, Martin J. editorial Feb 12, 1990 868
Letter from Europe: after the wall, a new socialism? Singer, Daniel Dec 25, 1989 2383
Letter from Europe: the specter of capitalism. Singer, Daniel Aug 21, 1989 2913
Times change; the fifth remembered. Aronson, James Dec 27, 1986 1989

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