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Migration as Decolonization. Achiume, E. Tendayi Jun 1, 2019 31130
How Humans Populated The Americas. Nov 19, 2018 679
United States created the conditions for Latin American migrations. Mikulich, Alex Jul 27, 2018 846
The Great IMMIGRATION Debate. Smith, Patricia Feb 19, 2018 1830
Welkom to West Michigan; the Dutch immigration of 1847: from the time when Dutch natives first came to America, settling on Manhattan Island and founding New Amsterdam during the seventeenth century, there was not another great exodus from the Netherlands to the United States until the year 1846, when a colony of Dutch immigrants underwent a historic journey to found a new settlement in Western Michigan. van Schelven, Gerrit Sep 1, 2017 1738
Accidental environmentalists. Dorsey, James Feb 1, 2017 1045
The current refugee crisis: what's new? Klaus Neumann discusses refugee issues in light of Australia's and New Zealand's experience. Neumann, Klaus Essay Jul 1, 2016 2517
From one colonial situation to another: politics, universalism and the crisis of the African intellectual. Flemming, Tracy Keith Essay Jul 1, 2016 11824
The emancipatory praxis of Ukrainian Canadians (1891-1919) and the necessity of a situated critique. Brophy, Susan Dianne Essay Mar 22, 2016 12897
From the Executive Director. Vieira, Kerry Column Mar 22, 2016 1216
America and immigration: a mixed history with lessons for today. Byas, Steve Mar 7, 2016 4963
Of myths and metallurgy: archaeological and ethnological approaches to upland iron production in 9th century CE northwest Laos. Evrard, Olivier; Pryce, Thomas O.; Sprenger, Guido; Chiemsisouraj, Chanthaphilith Essay Feb 1, 2016 14164
Overwhelmed by immigrants: the fall of the Western Roman Empire was precipitated by immigrants--who had fled to Roman protection from the Huns--when the newcomers refused to follow Roman laws. Scaliger, Charles Oct 19, 2015 3005
Migration and culture. Dominiczak, Marek H. Aug 1, 2015 1240
A Jewish homesteader in the West. Hackman, Jack Essay Jun 22, 2015 3255
Legal or illegal immigrants--how many can we accommodate? Mass, Warren May 18, 2015 772
The search for sensuous geographies of absence: Indisch mediation of loss. Dragojlovic, Ana Essay Oct 1, 2014 11961
American Finnish emigration to Soviet Karelia: bread, work and broken dreams. Kangaspuro, Markku Essay Jul 1, 2014 8117
Our fascinating immigration experience: in the past, immigrants to the United States were offered little more than "opportunity," yet they came in waves and, by and large, altered the fabric of America for the better. Mass, Warren Jan 6, 2014 2158
To no avail: supporters and opponents of the Kimberley Scheme. Lawrence, Dashiel Jan 1, 2014 7775
"Where have you brought us, Sir?" gender, displacement, and the challenges of "homecoming" for Indian Jews in Dimona, 1950s-60s. Singh, Maina Chawla Essay Sep 22, 2013 10424
The "circum-Caribbean" and the continuity of cultures: the Donato Colony in Mexico, 1830-1860. Lemelle, Sidney J. Essay Jul 1, 2013 7834
Nation of immigrants: can America rediscover its open-borders roots? Dalmia, Shikha Column Jun 16, 2013 654
A matter of diplomacy: the british government and the mennonite immigration from russia to manitoba, 1872-1875. Urry, James Essay Apr 1, 2013 11601
American settlers. Jan 1, 2013 212
On looking back. Ramsay, Allan Essay Dec 1, 2012 6729
"Uchinanchu" Okinawa homecoming! Bartruff, Dave Nov 1, 2012 1072
Asian migrations and diasporas since 1500. Lockard, Craig A. Essay Sep 22, 2012 9531
The irruption of migrants: theology of migration in the 21st century. Campese, Gioacchino Essay Feb 28, 2012 13632
Maiden voyage: do archaeological sites in the Channel Islands reveal a coastal migration into the Americas? Leibach, Julie Jan 1, 2012 863
Humans. Dec 31, 2011 446
Asia takes a bow. Bower, Bruce Brief article Dec 31, 2011 219
A transnational world fractured but not forgotten: British West Indian migration to the Colombian islands of San Andres and providence. Crawford, Sharika Report Jun 22, 2011 8942
Quote-unquote. Cannato, Vincent J. Excerpt Mar 22, 2011 338
Plus ca change. Cannato, Vincent J. Brief article Mar 22, 2011 122
"Essentially a women's work": reform, empire and The Winnipeg Children's Hospital, 1909-1925. Di Cresce, Greg Mar 22, 2011 5485
A new monument in Brandon commemorates the Chinese Head Tax. Brief article Mar 22, 2011 275
The Straits Chinese: the existence of a Chinese-Malay sub-culture, now nearly extinct, is little known in the West. At its peak, its craftsmen produced an eclectic range of art which fused local motifs and styles with forms from China and their European colonisers. Courtenay, Philip Essay Oct 1, 2010 3009
The great immigration debate: with 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., everyone agrees our immigration system is broken. What no one seems to agree on is how to fix it. Smith, Patricia Sep 6, 2010 3328
Arias, Arturo. Taking Their Word: Literature and the Signs of Central America. Worley, Paul Sep 1, 2010 990
The soul of a stranger: Italy, America, and Italian American Protestants. Barone, Dennis Essay Mar 22, 2010 8611
Anti-Asian agitation in South Africa in the 1930s: reactions to the "Japanese Treaty" and "honorary white" status. Bradshaw, Richard; Ransdell, Jim Essay Jan 1, 2010 8941
The Dublin patriciate and the reception of migrants in the seventeenth century: civic politics and newcomers. Whelan, Edward Abstract Dec 1, 2009 599
Southeast Asian slavery and slave-gathering warfare as a vector for cultural transmission: the case of Burma and Thailand. Beemer, Bryce Sep 22, 2009 10231
California's "liberal moment": the 1849 Constitution and the rule of law. Parames, Jose-Daniel M. Jan 1, 2009 22178
The imprint of the Irish. Lefevere, Patricia Brief article Jun 13, 2008 242
Shockwaves: a domestic servant's tale. Jones, Lainie Jun 1, 2008 2104
Late nineteenth century German immigrant land and stock holdings in the Southern Riverina: an exploration of large-scale spatial patterns. Spennemann, Dirk H.R.; Sutherland, Gaye Jun 1, 2008 6291
New World stopover: people may have entered the Americas in stages. Bower, Bruce Feb 16, 2008 539
Nineteenth-century Oakland Chinese businesses. Fong, Kelly Jan 1, 2008 9535
Irish clerics in the University of Paris, 1570-1770. O'Connor, Priscilla Essay Dec 1, 2007 497
The shining factory upon a hill. Jun 22, 2007 636
U.S. helped create migrant flow; labor demands of two world wars, NAFTA inequities drew workers across border. Dahl-Bredine, Erica Sep 22, 2006 923
Europe: immigration unwanted. de Wenden, Catherine Wihtol Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2006 2325
Melange cities: the disruption that immigrants bring is often a benefit. Ruble, Blair A. Jun 22, 2006 1876
Transnational journeys and domestic histories. Webster, Wendy Mar 22, 2006 7793
'Dare the boist'rous main': the role of the Belfast News Letter in the process of emigration from Ulster to North America, 1760-1800. Royle, Stephen A.; Ni Laoire, Caitriona Mar 22, 2006 11342
Coming to America: as the United States entered its second century, it became a haven for the largest wave of immigrants the world had ever seen. Brown, Bryan Mar 21, 2005 2219
Migration conference surveys injustices, jobs, theology. McCLory, Robert J. Oct 8, 2004 1243
Foreign influences: take away Great Britain's long history of welcoming immigrants to its shores and we would find ourselves stripped of much that is now considered British. Winder, Robert Jul 1, 2004 1102
Introduction: Immigrants and America. Feb 1, 2004 526
Ellis Island re-creates the immigrant experience. Curreri, Joseph Mar 30, 2003 572
Irish immigrants and the rise of Tammany hall: in the 1800s, Irish immigrants in New York City built a corrupt political machine. (American History). Price, Sean Feb 21, 2003 1179
A nation of immigrants. (Skills Master 3). Feb 21, 2003 294
Anglo-Saxonizing machines: Exclusion America, White Australia. Williams, Michael (British actor) Jan 1, 2003 10530
Lethal mobilities: Calvin and the smart bomb. Van Den Abbeele, Georges Jan 1, 2003 7006
El Paso, a sight for sore eyes: medical and legal aspects of Syrian immigration, 1906-1907. Gabbert, Ann R. Sep 22, 2002 10569
Transatlantic connections and the sharp edge of the great depression. O'Brien, Matthew J. Mar 22, 2002 8147
"You must make less noise in here, Mister Schouler": acoustic profiling in American realism. Schweighauser, Philipp Mar 22, 2002 7388
The Americanization of the Synagogue, 1820-1870: an historiographical appreciation. Nadell, Pamela S. Mar 1, 2002 4876
Gold Mountain wives: Rhapsodies in blue. Hom, Marlon K. Jan 1, 2002 3118
The Elusive Hispanic/Latino Identity. Arana, Marie Jun 22, 2001 1262
Ukrainians in Canada, 1900-1930. Lozinsky, Joseph Jun 1, 2001 4291
Letters from America. Hanson-Harding, Alexandra Mar 12, 2001 1125
Revive Their Dragon's Heart. Thorkelson, Berit Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 535
The Immigration Problem: Then and Now. VEDDER, RICHARD; GALLAWAY, LOWELL; MOORE, STEPHEN Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 7291
Becoming Canadian: Problems of an emerging identity. Kalbach, Madeline A.; Kalbach, Warren E. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 1999 6578
Point of Entry: Baltimore, the Other Ellis Island. Connery, William Apr 1, 1999 1317
Miss Americanizer. Miller, John J. May 1, 1997 848
Immigration and labour: Australia and Canada compared. Franca Iacovetta; Michael Quinlan; Ian Radforth Sep 22, 1996 12055
Immigration: the early years. Dec 1, 1994 539
The peopling of Canada. Buckner, Phillip Nov 1, 1993 4080
Germans in 19th-century Britain. Panayi, Panikos Jan 1, 1993 3334
Ellis Island a welcome site? Only after years of reform. Guzda, Henry P. Biography Jul 1, 1986 4845

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