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Beginning of the Afro-Asian Spring? Wambu, Onyekachi Essay May 1, 2022 1314
VANISHING POINT. Cyrus, Ramenda Jan 1, 2022 2108
A sacred journey of discovery What descendants felt during an archaeological dig at a Jesuit-owned plantation. Homan, Ken; Proudie, Robin A.; Stripling, Clarissa Ashton; Beaman, Greg Sep 3, 2021 1441
A Chance for Freedom. Bezemek, Mike Mar 22, 2021 1591
Can historic houses tell more stories than they have done? Despite recent complaints that organisations such as the National Trust are 'rewriting' history, the real challenge is how historic properties can present a fuller and more complex account of the past. Turner, Olivia Horsfall; Cox, Oliver Column Jan 1, 2021 1382
BEYOND SLAVERY: "The U.S. must get beyond slavery. We should not make every new generation a captive of the sins of the prior generation. We must embrace as a fundamental tenet the full promise of the Declaration of Independence.". Emord, Jonathan W. Jan 1, 2021 3877
Lorca in the Forest of Goatskin Trees. Menes, Orlando Ricardo Poem Dec 22, 2020 333
Jamaica's Windward Maroon "Slaveholders": Charles Town and Moore Town, 1810-20. Johnson, Amy M. Dec 22, 2020 7437
Bus ride to truth. Cleghorn, John; Henderson-Belsito, Gail Oct 5, 2020 2198
From the Black African Holocaust (Maafa) to the United Nations: Routes, Roots, and Fruits: Maroon Women's Journey to the 18 th United Nations, Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) April 22- 25th 2019. Simms", Gaama Gloria "Mama G" Essay Aug 1, 2020 3710
Cancel the New York Times. Samuelson, Richard Essay Jun 22, 2020 3450
A Disagreeable Text: The Uncovered First Draft of Bryan Edwards's Preface to The History of the British West Indies, c. 1792. Leigh, Devin Jun 22, 2020 13232
Free, Illaek. and 21. Singleton, Marilyn M. May 1, 2020 756
CRISIS? WHOSE CRISIS? Beermann, Jack M. Mar 1, 2020 13775
Citing Slavery. Simard, Justin Jan 1, 2020 23358
BLACK LIVES MATTER. Elmore, Kristen V. Jan 1, 2020 1918
A connection on ancestral grounds: Descendants of enslaved people find their roots in Sacred Heart records. Araujo-Hawkins, Dawn Oct 18, 2019 1346
A Momentous Arrival. Brulliard, Nicolas Sep 22, 2019 3289
1619 Project: landmark truth-telling. Editorial Sep 6, 2019 1189
Andrew J. Kappel Prize in Literary Criticism, 2019. Elam, Michele Critical essay Sep 1, 2019 948
The Canadian Fugitive Slave Archive and the Concept of Refuge. Nelson, Charmaine A. Sep 1, 2019 9950
Seeking Equal Justice. Beck, Larry Sep 1, 2019 1257
1619: A Vital Year in the History of Virginia--and America: Jamestown, Virginia, was the first English foothold in the new world, and the year 1619 featured three events there that changed the path of this country's future. Byas, Steve Aug 5, 2019 4103
Why cultural change is so difficult. Wambu, Onyekachi Jul 1, 2019 723
UNLETOM IN POLAND. Essay Mar 22, 2019 1186
Try to Remember. Eyring, Teresa Mar 1, 2019 799
The Supreme Court and the Memory of Evil. Collings, Justin Feb 1, 2019 33192
Dropouts Built America: WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH START SOMETHING BETTER. Walker, Jesse Jan 1, 2019 2934
A Pilgrimage of Anguish. Jan 1, 2019 634
Manumission in Late Eighteenth-Century Jamaica. Ryden, David Beck Dec 22, 2018 13385
For Armand Ruffo, in Response to His Poem "Wallace Stevens's Memory". Grady, Wayne Poem Dec 22, 2018 292
A corner of Africa in IRAN. Ghaedi, Monir Nov 1, 2018 1671
The Declaration of Independence Is the Moral and Legal Foundation of America. Sandefur, Timothy Essay Sep 22, 2018 2163
True But Brief History of the Friendly Societies and Development of Black Bermudian Communities after Emancipation: Black People Seek Pride and Power in a Post-Slavery and Post-Emancipation World, the Bermuda Experience. Bradshaw, Michael Sep 1, 2018 7258
When Changing a School's Name Is a Lesson in History and Progress. Dyer, Ervin Jul 1, 2018 856
The Global Push for Reparations: Don Rojas (Caricom News, February 8, 2018). Frith, Nicola Apr 1, 2018 934
SLAVES, LAWS, AND COURTS IN EARLY DETROIT AND MICHIGAN 1701-1835. Littlejohn, Edward J. Mar 22, 2018 9493
John Jay College of Criminal Justice: Records of the Enslaved and Slave Holders in New York. Mar 1, 2018 497
WANTED: MISSING SLAVES: New databases of old newspaper ads are revealing details about the lives of slaves that had long been lost to history. Majerol, Veronica Jan 8, 2018 4151
The Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice Brown University. Jan 1, 2018 1309
Slavery The Deep History of the Great Evil: Modern observers single out America as being responsible for the great evil of slavery. But, put in full historical context, the great achievement of the Founders is the first real bulwark against one of civilization's darkest and most pervasive evils. Behreandt, Dennis Nov 20, 2017 5329
Fighting harder. Pierno, Theresa Sep 22, 2017 325
The surprising new political battleground: The midwest. Barone, Michael Essay Jul 1, 2017 5509
Georgetown liturgy of contrition honors enslaved. Korkzan, Shireen May 5, 2017 546
Intellectual Warfare, Theory and Practice: Gates, Thornton, white World Terror Domination and the War on Afrocentricity. Kambon, Obadele Essay May 1, 2017 9605
Frederick Douglass hated socialism. Root, Damon Apr 1, 2017 784
America at her best is Hamiltonian. Salsman, Richard M. Mar 22, 2017 14252
Liberty and slavery in colonial America: the case of Georgia, 1732-1770. Lannen, Andrew C. Essay Mar 22, 2017 10033
"Princely offspring of Braganza": The "Brazil Plan" for Portugal and the miscarriage of British abolition, 1806-1815. Almeida, Joselyn M. Essay Mar 22, 2017 7247
Refracting Blackness: Slavery and Fitzgerald's Historical Consciousness. Gilmore, Garrett Bridger Essay Mar 22, 2017 10749
Geographies of Resistance: Quilombos, Afro-descendants, and the Struggle for Land and Environmental Justice in Brazil's Atlantic Forest. Shore, Edward Essay Mar 22, 2017 9608
Strategies of Survival: Resistance to Enslavement in the Slave Societies Digital Archive (SSDA). Sutton, Angela Essay Mar 22, 2017 6951
Facing the past. Brief article Mar 9, 2017 155
A painful legacy: should colleges that had ties to slavery more than 150 years ago take steps today to make up for it? Stoffers, Carl Jan 30, 2017 1000
The route of the enslaved: the UNESCO slave route project. Nov 1, 2016 338
City of Cartagena De Indias honors its African legacy. Nov 1, 2016 615
Georgetown University to atone for slavery ties. Morris, Catherine Sep 22, 2016 823
Brazil recognizes the right to self-determination for African descendants: is it a path the United States could follow? Needleman, Ruth Report Sep 16, 2016 7567
Cutting across space and time: Obeah's service to Jamaica's freedom struggle in slavery and emancipation. Barima, Kofi Boukman Essay Jul 1, 2016 6679
Confronting history. Dodson, Angela P. Mar 10, 2016 708
Rhodes statue stays. Brief article Feb 25, 2016 126
Finding roots: the reconstruction era of 1866 to 1868 set the foundation for higher education for Blacks in the South and the nation. Stuart, Reginald Feb 11, 2016 1605
Dave Chappelle Confuses George Washington with Thomas Jefferson. Dargan, Kyle G. Poem Jan 1, 2016 349
Education and indigenous slavery in New Mexico. Gallegos, Bernardo P. Essay Jan 1, 2016 6264
Free at Last. Barnett, Randy E. Essay Dec 22, 2015 3600
Black slaves who could have been American founders. Bernstein, Andrew Essay Dec 22, 2015 2716
Southern confection: Toward a rubric of anteliberalism. Rountree, Stephanie Dec 22, 2015 932
Georgetown slavery ties. Brief article Dec 17, 2015 165
The UNESCO Slave Route Project. Sep 30, 2015 1018
What killed black progress? Byas, Steve Sep 21, 2015 1464
Seizing the moment to galvanize the U.S. and global reparations movement. Daniels, Ron Essay Jul 1, 2015 1280
Relative property: close-kin ownership in American slave societies. Ben-Ur, Aviva Essay Jun 22, 2015 12549
John Brown's soul. Ridgley, Heidi Jun 22, 2015 919
Women led freedom quests. Mitchell, Penni Mar 22, 2015 1127
Slavish poses: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the aesthetics of abolition. Miller, John MacNeill Essay Dec 22, 2014 10270
The time is now to rescue the American idea. Ryan, Paul Nov 1, 2014 3065
African Feet. Mason-John, Valerie Poem Sep 22, 2014 144
Mathematics black life. McKittrick, Katherine Essay Jun 22, 2014 5815
Goree Island: The Door of No Return. Porter, Anna Mar 22, 2014 1678
"He enlisted to obtain his freedom": slavery and freedom in the American revolution. Hussey, Michael Mar 22, 2014 1457
Slavery by the numbers. Howell, Llewellyn D. Mar 1, 2014 994
Holland's Sinterklass reeks of racism: for many yeats, the people of the Netherlands have celebrated the festival of Sinterklass (Santa Claus) with black characters which have their roots deep in African slavery. But now Holland's black population cannot take the insult any more and want the black characters banned. Femi Akomolafe reports from Amsterdam. Akomolafe, Femi Jan 1, 2014 2207
Plotting the rebellion. Davis, Crystal Brief article Dec 5, 2013 127
Did you know there are 27 million slaves in the world today? International Day for the Abolition of slavery: 2 December 2013. Nov 1, 2013 405
Maria de Terranova: a West African woman and the quest for freedom in colonial Mexico. Silva, Pablo Miguel Sierra Essay Jul 1, 2013 8075
Slavery in early Detroit. Miles, Tiya May 1, 2013 1988
Connecticut abolished slavery in 1848. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 191
13th Amendment: the sequel. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 134
Thieving. Dawes, Kwame Poem Mar 22, 2013 356
Liberty and Union. Tartakovsky, Joseph Essay Mar 22, 2013 4153
Renaissance man: Frederick Douglass's home tells the story of a man who overcame enormous obstacles and paved the way for others to do the same. Kirkwood, Scott Mar 22, 2013 991
The emancipation proclamation: was Abraham Lincoln a reluctant emancipator or a political genius? Majerol, Veronica Chronology Jan 7, 2013 2359
Dixie's enemy within: how the ideology of white supremacy undermined the south's own war effort. Woodard, Colin Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 1587
Deconstructing reconstruction: the tumultuous decade that followed the civil war failed to enshrine black voting and civil rights, and instead paved the way for more than a century of entrenched racial injustice. Lemann, Nicholas Essay Jan 1, 2013 2063
Rumors of land: the unfulfilled dream of "forty acres and a mule.". Ehrenfreund, Max Column Jan 1, 2013 782
America's twentieth-century slavery: the horrifying, little-known story of how hundreds of thousands of blacks worked in brutal bondage right up until World War II. Blackmon, Douglas A. Essay Jan 1, 2013 3474
Convent slave laundries? Magdalen asylums in Australia. Franklin, James Report Jan 1, 2013 8568
Two islands, one commodity: Cuba, Java, and the global sugar trade (1790-1930). Bosma, Ulbe; Curry-Machado, Jonathan Essay Dec 22, 2012 10489
The Whipping Man. Oct 1, 2012 1063
Black History Month (UK) 25 this year: Black History Month (UK) is 25 years old this year. And as we celebrate this landmark event, the man credited with its founding, Akyaaba Addai-Sebo (pictured, bottom) salutes all those, past and present, who have made this annual commemoration a success for over two decades. Addai-Sebo, Akyaaba Oct 1, 2012 1171
Africa's lost tribe in Mexico. Roman, Miriam Jimenez Essay Oct 1, 2012 4464
Slavery Atlantic trade and Arab slavery: it is estimated that about 14m Africans were enslaved by Arabs over a period of 1,300 years. It is time to note what they did, writes Marika Sherwood. Sherwood, Marika Column Oct 1, 2012 1027
Medical scandal! ... How the US government used black people as guinea pigs. Goffe, Leslie Essay Oct 1, 2012 1911
Negro Insurrection and Foreign Invasion: Slavery, 1776 and The Founding of The United States. Horne, Gerald Sep 22, 2012 8924
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. Clarke, George E. Poem Sep 22, 2012 225
How debt became care: child pawning and its transformations in Akuapem, the Gold Coast, 1874-1929. Coe, Cati Essay May 1, 2012 13862
Letter. Henegan-Comeau, Ranee Poem Mar 22, 2012 151
Interrogating Wordsworth. Flood, Reginald Sonnet Mar 22, 2012 146
Aray and Harwood: friends for freedom. Scott, Gene Mar 1, 2012 1677
Racing for freedom: Harriet Tubman's Underground Railroad network through New York. Larson, Kate Clifford Report Jan 1, 2012 7922
Harriet Tubman, the Underground Railroad, and the bridges at Niagara Falls. Siener, William H.; Chambers, Thomas A. Essay Jan 1, 2012 7102
"Still they come": some eyewitness accounts of the Underground Railroad in Buffalo. Van Ness, Cynthia M. Essay Jan 1, 2012 5436
New Yorkers accompanied nana Tubman's spirit to ancestral homeland. Cousins-Newton, Linda Essay Jan 1, 2012 3648
On this date. Chronology Jan 1, 2012 146
Citizenship deferred: descendants of Cherokee slaves, known as Freedmen, are still fighting for voting rights and basic services. Cooper, Kenneth J. Nov 24, 2011 1502
How slavery really ended in America: a year and a half before Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, three slaves rowed across a Virginia river to a Union fort--and unwittingly set in motion the demise of slavery. Goodheart, Adam Cover story Oct 3, 2011 2737
Catholicism as an instrument of counterhegemony: the religiopolitical ingenuity of Afro-Mexican People. Simms, Rupe Sep 22, 2011 9274
Freeing ourselves from domination: please spare 3 minutes of silence on 1 August for all the victims of the Arab and TransAtlantic slavery and other new oppressions in Africa. Wambu, Onyekachi Jul 1, 2011 623
Doc blocked: town shackles 'Slavery' helmer. Morfoot, Addie Jun 6, 2011 594
The civil war: 10 things you should know (but probably don't): we all know the basics, but America's bloodiest conflict was full of twists and turns, and the way it unfolded was more complicated than you think. Ayers, Edward L. Apr 4, 2011 3241
Africa: Did You Not Feel It? Callender, Ophelia Poem Mar 22, 2011 198
D'Eichthal and Urbain's Lettres sur la race noire et la race blanche: race, gender, and reconciliation after Slave Emancipation. Andrews, Naomi J. Essay Mar 22, 2011 8192
Freedom and slavery center opens in Philadelphia. Feb 1, 2011 429
A prelude to war. Bak, Richard Jan 1, 2011 2372
Against all odds: from slavery to priesthood to sainthood. Gallagher, Tom Nov 26, 2010 970
The past in print, sound and vision: after the Bicentenary: The Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in Recent History. Christopher, Emma Oct 1, 2010 725
Africans in Britain 2000 years ago. Sherwood, Marika Oct 1, 2010 3585
Bunce Island 'the warehouse of humanity'. Kargbo, Edward Oct 1, 2010 1674
A tale of two countries. Cush, Ifa Kamau Oct 1, 2010 1309
Race and US foreign policy: reflections on West Africa. King, Mae C. Report Sep 22, 2010 7051
Abolitionist aberration: an inconvenient truth? Bates, Stephen Brief article Sep 22, 2010 220
The real justice Taney. Sep 22, 2010 531
Maroon resistance and settlement on Danish St. Croix. Roopnarine, Lomarsh Essay Sep 22, 2010 8070
"Faith slavery" ensnared Christians and Muslims. Jul 1, 2010 814
Slavery in Albany, New York, 1624-1827. Williams, Oscar Jul 1, 2010 4188
Key issues in global studies. Brydon, Diana Critical essay Jun 22, 2010 3541
Free blacks and coloreds, and the administration of justice in eighteenth-century Curacao. Jordaan, Han Jun 22, 2010 10977
Chastized by Scorpions: Christianity and culture in colonial South Carolina, 1669-1740. Lippy, Charles H. Jun 1, 2010 8266
No ordinary sin: antislavery protestants and the discovery of the social nature of morality. Oshatz, Molly Jun 1, 2010 12240
Confederate History Month: are governors endorsing enslaving unborn fetuses? Forbes, Jack D. Column Jun 1, 2010 506
The demise of slavery in the District of Columbia, April 16, 1862. Hussey, Michael Report Mar 22, 2010 2183
The king's two bodies, and the slave's: diasporic history in the Whole History of Grandfather's Chair. Williams, Rita Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 7427
A former slave fights slavery. Dec 11, 2009 1053
Africans in the Indian Mutiny: for centuries, Africans were shipped to the Indian subcontinent and sold as slaves to regional rulers. Rosie Llewellyn-Jones tells the story of those who went to Lucknow to serve the Nawab of Oudh and who joined the Indian Mutiny when he was deposed by the British. For this allegiance their descendants, whom she has traced, still pay a price. Llewellyn-Jones, Rosie Dec 1, 2009 3617
The White House: a slave's view: the discovery of a memoir by one of President Madison's slaves sheds light on the role slavery once played in the White House. Swarns, Rachel L. Nov 23, 2009 1345
From India to the Caribbean: the West Indies is home to a large and vibrant South Asian population descended from indentured labourers who worked the plantations after the abolition of slavery. The arrival of the first, from Bengal in 1838, is recorded in the journal of a young doctor who accompanied them, as Brigid Wells describes. Wells, Brigid Oct 1, 2009 4096
Southeast Asian slavery and slave-gathering warfare as a vector for cultural transmission: the case of Burma and Thailand. Beemer, Bryce Sep 22, 2009 10231
Slavery, royalty, and racism: representations of Africa in Brazilian Carnaval. Araujo, Ana Lucia Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 11910
What's in a name? Rhode Island is debating whether to change its official name, which reminds some residents of its slave-trading past. Goodnough, Abby Sep 21, 2009 1612
Theory's failure: Malthusian population theory and the projected demise of slavery. Huston, James L. Essay Sep 1, 2009 13405
The slave's revenge: the terror in Charlotte Dacre's Zofloya. Schotland, Sara D. Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 6063
"Crete the opening wedge": nationalism and international affairs in Postbellum America. Prior, David Jun 22, 2009 12560
On not writing biography. Steedman, Carolyn Essay Jun 22, 2009 6757
Writing to "Virtuous" and "Gentle" Readers: The Problem of Pain in Harriet Jacobs's Incidents and Harriet Wilson's Sketches. Gomaa, Sally Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 8163
Lincoln also prevented slavery in Latin America. Apr 1, 2009 580
Reggae reveals Church involvement in slavery. Tidemann, Paul A. Report Apr 1, 2009 1810
Proslavery professors: classic natural right and the positive good argument in antebellum Virginia. Vanderford, Chad Mar 1, 2009 11241
The house that slaves built: as Barack Obama and his family move into the presidential, mansion, a took back at a 200-year-old house that has not always been so welcoming to blacks. Harris, Gardiner Jan 12, 2009 484
Contested ground: hinterland slavery in colonial New York. Williams-Myers, A.J. Report Jan 1, 2009 18037
"Conduct ... inexcusable and unjustifiable": bound children, battered freedwomen, and the limits of emancipation in Kentucky's Bluegrass Region. Rhyne, J.Michael Essay Dec 22, 2008 12573
The long walk from slave market to the White House. Chronology Dec 1, 2008 2476
U.S. apology for slavery--apparently not front page news. Osel, Ananda S. Nov 1, 2008 1184
Free the planet: Jean-Francois Mouhot traces a link between climate change and slavery, and suggests that reliance on fossil fuels has made slave owners of us all. Mouhot, Jean-Francois Aug 1, 2008 2122
Teaching About Slavery. Footnotes. Volume 13, Number 14. Johnson, Michael Report Aug 1, 2008 212
Surprise at the Castle. Foote, Kim Coleman Jun 22, 2008 3786
The Slave Castle of Elmina. Taylor, Rob Poem Jun 22, 2008 298
"Though their skin remains brown, I hope their souls will soon be white": slavery, French missionaries, and the Roman Catholic priesthood in the American South, 1789-1865 (1). Pasquier, Michael Jun 1, 2008 16946
Perpetual enmity: the 2,500-year struggle between East and West: Anthony Pagden describes how the conflict between Europe and Asia, which began over two millennia ago, hardened into an ideological, cultural and religious struggle between the West, which has always cast itself as free, and--despite frequent outbursts of religious fanaticism--secular, and an enslaved East governed not by the laws of man, but by the supposed laws of god. Pagden, Anthony May 1, 2008 3914
Miscegenation and racism: Afro-Mexicans in Colonial New Spain. Simms, Ellen Yvonne Report Mar 15, 2008 9528
Slavery: the case for reparations (2). Quartey, Kwesi Feb 1, 2008 4077
To "doe some good upon their countrymen": the paradox of Indian slavery in early Anglo-America. Guasco, Michael Dec 22, 2007 12385
The liberator Daniel O'Connell and anti-slavery. Kinealy, Christine Dec 1, 2007 3485
Revealing painful pasts: more than a year ago, Brown University released its landmark report on its connections to slavery, but few universities have followed its lead in examining their own ties,. Sidhu, Jonathan Nov 29, 2007 872
Dismantling the history of slavery and colonization in the poetry of Mohamed Al-Fayturi and Langston Hughes. Gohar, Saddik Mohamed Critical essay Aug 1, 2007 10151
Fugitive women: slavery and social change in early modern Southeast Asia. Jones, Eric A. Jun 1, 2007 18135
Liverpool world city: on the city's 800th anniversary in 2007, and the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade, John Belchem examines Liverpool's cosmopolitan profile and cultural pretensions. Belchem, John Apr 1, 2007 4131
The blue and the gray: as the Civil War raged south of the border, hundreds of Canadians got involved--on both sides of the conflict. Twatio, Bill Apr 1, 2007 3105
Revival for justice. Wallis, Jim Mar 1, 2007 1031
Below the surface: centuries ago, Kentucky slaves interpreted Mammoth Cave's history. And in the process, they became a part of it. Marquis, Amy Leinbach Jan 1, 2007 843
The boys from Malagasey: in the first of a number of articles marking the bicentenary of the bill of March 1807 to abolish the slave trade, Rosie Llewellyn-Jones tells the remarkable story of the boys from Madagascar who were sent to England to be educated in the 1820s as part of an agreement with the British to develop the country and end Madagascan dependency on the exportation of slaves. Llewellyn-Jones, Rosie Jan 1, 2007 2196
William Henry Seward, the Virginia controversy, and the anti-slavery movement, 1839-1841. Valone, Stephen J. Jan 1, 2007 6023
Venture Smith's autobiography and runaway ad: enslavement in early New York. Singer, Alan J. Jan 1, 2007 3445
The new departure debate surrounding congressional efforts to create a national system of education, 1871-1889. Groen, Mark Report Jan 1, 2007 4814
Will the Queen apologise for slavery? de Figueiredo, Antonio May 1, 2006 1575
A poetics of reading postslavery literature. Handley, George B. Critical essay Mar 22, 2006 5569
Slavery as an American educational institution: historiographical inquiries. Warren, Donald Dec 22, 2005 5783
God's terrible avenger: John Brown and liberty. Bell, Fraser Biography Sep 22, 2005 3077
Slavery, confederate diplomacy, and the racialist mission of Henry Hotze. Bonner, Robert E. Sep 1, 2005 13615
La route des abolitionnistes: Eastern France honours fighters against black slavery; Graham Gendall Norton travels in search of those who fought for the rights of all. Norton, Graham Gendall Jul 1, 2005 954
Some notes on the extent of New York City's involvement in the Underground Railroad. Williams-Myers, A.J. Jul 1, 2005 2653
Let my people stay. Jun 1, 2005 945
Memory and the abolitionist heritage: Thomas Wentworth Higginson and the uncertain meaning of the Civil War. Poole, W. Scott Jun 1, 2005 7136
The 1861 Spring Resolutions: Charles Hodge, the American Union, and the dissolution of the Old School Church. Wood, John Halsey, Jr. Mar 22, 2005 7501
Slavers' Bank. Friedman, John S. Brief Article Feb 21, 2005 276
Reconciliation triangle. Henderson, Gerald Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 175
The freedom fighters: blacks in Canada had no problem choosing sides in the American Civil War. They enlisted in the Union cause in great numbers, and they too fought for "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.". Twatio, Bill Feb 1, 2005 1578
John Leland: evolving views of slavery, 1789-1839: in 1789, the General Committee of Virginia Baptists turned to Massachusetts native John Leland to craft a statement concerning slavery. Gourley, Bruce Biography Jan 1, 2005 5350
"A nation born to slavery": missionaries and racial discourse in seventeenth-century French Antilles. Peabody, Sue Sep 22, 2004 7476
'A nation born to slavery': missionaries and racial discourse in seventeenth-century French Antilles. Brief Article Sep 22, 2004 144
Discharging a debt: until America acknowledges the devastating effects of slavery on the current economic condition of African Americans, the issue of reparations will never become law. Cose, Ellis Excerpt Jul 1, 2004 2346
Abolitionists among the founding generation. Brady, Kevin T. May 1, 2004 978
Runaway slave advertisements: teaching from primary documents. Costa, Tom; Doyle, Brooke May 1, 2004 5629
'Tek force wid force': Paul Shirley describes the freedom struggles of African Americans in the Bahamas after the American War of Independence. Shirley, Paul Apr 1, 2004 3105
Harriet Jacobs: using online slave narratives in the classroom. Bolick, Cheryl Mason; McGlinn, Meghan M. Apr 1, 2004 3738
Do blacks deserve a national apology? Should today's citizenry be held morally and financially accountable for the misdeeds of America's forefathers? Swain, Carol M. Cover Story Jan 1, 2004 2016
Against all odds: the first great human-rights campaign--the movement to end slavery in the British Empire--had no business succeeding. But the legacy of its extraordinary achievement lives on today. Hochschild, Adam Jan 1, 2004 6881
Black Thunder's call for a conjure response to American Negro Slavery. Lane, Suzanne Critical Essay Dec 22, 2003 9545
Reparations battles. Dumke, Mick Dec 1, 2003 764
On agency. Johnson, Walter Sep 22, 2003 6703
Remembering Scottsboro: during the 1930s, two unknown artists created a series of linoleum cuts telling the story of slavery and racism in the American South. Seldom was protest art so linked to political action as it was in the campaign to free the "Scottsboro Boys.". Kelley, Robin D.G. Sep 22, 2003 947
UK: London festival targets capital's slavery past: 23 August marks UNESCO's International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. This year, Anti-Slavery International, the world's oldest international human rights organisation, in partnership with African heritage community groups, is organising a four-day programme in remembrance of Britain's role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Herzfeld, Beth Aug 1, 2003 828
Slavery in Oneida County, New York. DeAmicis, Jan Jul 1, 2003 22422
Canada's Slave Trade uprooted. (Nelliegrams). Brief Article Jun 22, 2003 298
Harriet Jacobs and the "double burden" of American slavery. Miller, Jennie Jun 22, 2003 5943
Jubilee Juneteenth: how our people celebrated freedom time. Dodson, Angela P. May 1, 2003 2746
Slavery time for some home truths. (Diaspora). Lewis, Lester Jan 1, 2003 1400
The African Holocaust: should Europe pay reparations to Africa for colonialism and slavery? Spitzer, Ryan Michael Oct 1, 2002 13582
The controversy around Black History. Pitre, Abul; Ray, Ruth Sep 22, 2002 4301
Ghanaian bishop offers apology for Africans' part in slave trade. . Roberts, Tom Brief Article Sep 13, 2002 558
Dr Livingstone, I presume? Andrew Ross reconsiders the reputation--both contemporary and historical--of the Scottish missionary and explorer. Ross, Andrew Jul 1, 2002 3597
The common law right to earn a living. Sandefur, Timothy Jun 22, 2002 10498
Sins of the past: activists seek reparations from U.S. government and corporations with ties to slavery. (National News). Reed, K. Terrell Jun 1, 2002 1299
A new slavery? Angela V. John looks at the uncomfortably long and close links between slavery and the cocoa trade. (Cross Current). John, Angela V. Jun 1, 2002 1594
Kevin Bales. (Keeping Current). Williams, Stephanie Brief Article May 1, 2002 110
Documenting the American South: Thomas H. Jones and the fugitive slave law. Bolick, Cheryl Mason Biography Apr 1, 2002 1467
"The crime against Missouri": slavery, Kansas, and the cant of Southernness in the border West. Phillips, Christopher Mar 1, 2002 11784
Slavery and the British: James Walvin reviews current ideas about the vast network of slavery that shaped British and world history for more than two centuries. Walvin, James Mar 1, 2002 3498
Generations of unpaid labor make a case for reparations. Huntley, Horace Feb 1, 2002 2028
Growing up in slavery. (American History). McCabe, Suzanne Jan 7, 2002 1152
The WPA slave narratives: teaching with oral histories. Horton, Paul Jan 1, 2002 3580
Q&A about slavery in the United States: see if you can find the answers to the four questions below by searching in books in the library. A few sources are cited below, but many other books on slavery will contain the answers. Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 439
Another side of Thomas Jefferson: he was the icon who drafted the Declaration of Independence ... the man who most ardently championed the fight for individual rights at a time when such notions were singed with controversy. And yet ... Shafer, Gregory Jan 1, 2002 3188
Friends and foes of Slavery: Foreigners and northerners in the old south. Rousey, Dennis C. Dec 22, 2001 13436
The 1835 anti-abolition meetings in the south: a new look at the controversy over the abolition postal campaign. Wyly-Jones, Susan Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2001 10649
Feelin' mighty southern: recent scholarship on Southern Appalachia in the Civil War. Fisher, Noel Dec 1, 2001 6111
Slaves and slave trading in Shi'i Iran, AD 1500-1900. Ricks, Thomas Nov 1, 2001 4949
Durban: Portugal ought to lead the apology wagon. (Viewpoint). Figueiredo, Antonio de Oct 1, 2001 1383
Abolition without deliverance: The law of Connecticut slavery 1784-1848. (Note). Menschel, David Oct 1, 2001 19614
Africana Womanism: the flip side of a coin. Hudson-Weems, Clenora Sep 22, 2001 7005
"Snug stored below": the politics of race in James Fenimore Cooper's The Pioneers. Doolen, Andrew Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 11156
A New Perspective on Antebellum Slavery: Public Policy and Slave Prices. YANOCHIK, MARK A.; EWING, BRADLEY T.; THORNTON, MARK Sep 1, 2001 5516
THE TRUTH ABOUT SLAVERY IN SUDAN. Davis, Kimberly Aug 1, 2001 1396
Slavery Memorial Day. (Cover Story/Slavery). Ankomah, Baffour Jul 1, 2001 1308
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