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Peacemaker of the British Empire: The iconic Webley DA revolver was the official British military sidearm for more than seven decades. Wieland, Terry Feb 1, 2019 693
THE BLUED COMBAT NAGNUN RETURNS: The Smith & Wesson Model 19 is back in production after being on ice for almost two decades. Hutchcroft, Joel J. Feb 1, 2019 2294
The American Gun Culture. McGrath, Roger D. Jun 4, 2018 3725
Montenegrin. Shell, Bob Brief article Apr 1, 2016 325
Crime lab tales: medical examiners and hollowpoint bullets: encouraging law enforcement agencies to adopt more effective ammo back in the day required working with medical examiners and ER doctors. Jones, Allan Dec 1, 2015 913
.38 short and long colt. Shell, Bob Brief article Jun 1, 2015 297
Red 9 broomhandle. Shell, Bob Apr 1, 2014 425
An evolution of essentials: parts aren't just parts: what once were custom touches on 1911s are now taken for granted on production specimens. Sweeney, Patrick Oct 1, 2013 1286
Die osterreichisches-ungarische faustfeuerwaffen des ersten weltkrieg--part 1: from Gasser to Roth-Krnka--complicated but fascinating! Scarlata, Paul Jul 20, 2013 2633
Class war: the latest attempt to cut crime by increasing gun costs. Wintersteen, Kyle Jun 1, 2013 1068
Gun past meets present: right-wing political pundits have been mocked by the left for comparing present gun control schemes to those used by the Nazis to ensure a passive populace. You decide. Wolverton, Joe, II Mar 18, 2013 3093
Working the Walther P38: modern pistols can trace their roots to this landmark handgun. Campbell, RK Feb 1, 2012 1971
The French berthier system: the French got off to an early start with small-bore, smokeless powder rifles, but stayed too long at the fair with the Lebel. Its supplement, the Berthier was a clear improvement. Scarlata, Paul Jan 20, 2012 2053
Cool colts. Rupp, J. Scott Dec 1, 2011 643
Racist roots of gun control. Krey, Patrick Brief article Nov 7, 2011 126
Working the Webley MK III: the Webley MK III is among the most robust and reliable revolvers of all time. previously quite a rare, a new wave of Webleys has found their way into shooter's hands and are now more likely to cross your bench. Campbell, R.k. Jul 1, 2011 2204
A scaled-down celebration: Browning commemorates the great government Model with a rimfire version: the 1911-22. Boddington, Craig Mar 29, 2011 874
"So fond of the pleasure to shoot": the sale of firearms to Inuit on Labrador's north coast in the late eighteenth century. Rollmann, Hans Mar 22, 2011 9841
Small arms of the Deutscher Volkssturm part II: the Volkssturm was prone to give up quietly when facing U.S. or British troops, but fought hard when confronted by Soviet armies. Scarlata, Paul Feb 20, 2011 3659
Military and police handgun cartridges of Brazil. Scarlata, Paul Feb 1, 2011 1786
Guns of the Mexican revolution: revolutions devour their own, and nowhere was that more true than in Mexico. Being a leader tended to be very bad for your health. Scarlata, Paul Oct 20, 2010 3483
Military rifle cartridges of the Papal States Vatican: "praise the lord and pass the ammunitinon!". Scarlata, Paul Oct 1, 2010 1551
Guns of the Mexican Revolution: you may think of the Frito Bandito or sepia images from your local taco stand, but civil war in Mexico was real war with machine guns, artillery and mass killing. Men, women, children: every hand held a rifle. Scarlata, Paul Sep 20, 2010 3259
Air Power History's Best Article Award, 2009. Kreis, John F. Jun 22, 2010 854
The replacement of the composite reflex bow by firearms in the muscovite cavalry. Ostrowski, Donald Report Jun 22, 2010 11074
Systems and senses: new research on Muscovy and the historiography on early modern Europe. Rustemeyer, Angela Essay Jun 22, 2010 7659
Identification and values. James, Garry May 19, 2010 1111
Israeli Military & Police handgun cartridges. Scarlata, Paul May 1, 2010 1621
Identification and values. James, Garry Apr 27, 2010 1179
Deciphering the Court deciphering your rights. Knox, Jeff Apr 1, 2010 856
Kalashnikov's 90th: for a guy who spent plenty of time fighting against AK-armed enemies, Kokalis has developed an unlikely friendship with the man behind the gun. Kokalis, Peter G. Feb 1, 2010 2140
Military handgun cartridges of Mexico Part 2: in Part 1 (11/1 issue), Scarlata covered revolvers used by Mexico's police and military. Here he turns to the autoloaders. Scarlata, Paul Dec 1, 2009 838
In the beginning. van Zwoll, Wayne Brief article Oct 1, 2009 271
Firearms of the Irish Civil Wars part 1: the Unionist: the prospect of Home Rule terrified the Protestants of the north, and they prepared to resist it by employing a very unusual collection of arms. Scarlata, Paul Jul 20, 2009 3803
Japanese handguns of World War II: were they as bad as they looked? Pretty much, says Kokalis, who argues that the greatly increased recent interest in collecting them doesn't mean they still weren't ineffective guns. Kokalis, Peter G. Apr 20, 2009 5789
Small arms of the Koninlijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger: Part 2-from Bali to Papua: the KNIL enjoyed relative peace during the first half of the last century. Then the Japanese came. Scarlata, Paul Apr 20, 2009 3033
Kongsberg colt: serving the Wehrmacht. Kokalis, Peter G. Apr 10, 2009 2150
Czech military handgun cartirdges. Scarlata, Paul Apr 1, 2009 1788
Small arms of the Koninlijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger: Part 1--the Dutch Foreign Legion? One of the smallest nations in Europe once controlled one of the largest in Asia. This little-known force was its instrument. Scarlata, Paul Mar 20, 2009 3132
May issue versus shall issue: explaining the pattern of concealed-carry handgun laws, 1960-2001. Grossman, Richard S.; Lee, Stephen A. Essay Apr 1, 2008 5228
The ruby pistol: this Spanish-made .32 became a mainstay of French forces in World War I. James, Garry Apr 1, 2008 1580
Colt new Army & Navy revolver: the U.S. military's first double-action sixgun with a swing-out cylinder proved to be a mixed blessing. James, Garry Feb 1, 2008 1292
20 years of handguns. Lee, Jerry Jun 1, 2007 1101
The .357 Magnum, then and now. Johnson, Dan C. Aug 1, 2006 1209
San Francisco's latest gun grab. Kates, Don B. Aug 1, 2006 1180
Disassembly/reassembly of the Whitney Wolverine: Olympic Arms has brought back what was once a futuristic design that died too young. Blood, Chick Mar 1, 2006 1898
A gun fired with beauty: Walter J. Karcheski, Jr. discusses a rare Portuguese fowling gun of exceptional quality, signed by its maker, Manoel do Nacimento Gomes, and dated 1794. It combines a fine Spanish barrel with outstanding silver mounts inspired by English neo-classicism. Karcheski, Walter J., Jr. Feb 1, 2006 2525
Weapons tech: C1 (Sterling) 9mm Machine Carbine. Ferguson, Warren May 1, 2003 1136
Collecting Ruger Single-Action Revolvers. Brief Article May 1, 2000 719
Seecamp .380. SPEIR, DEAN Mar 1, 2000 3859
MAGNUM Renaissance. Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 1999 2283
New British musket discoverd. Excerpt Mar 22, 1997 856
U.S. Repeating Arms Co. Hausman, Robert M. Company Profile Mar 1, 1996 1525
The big 44; 30 years of magnum magic .... Libourel, Jan Dec 1, 1985 2075

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