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The Raiding of Local 480: A Historic Cold War Struggle for Union Supremacy in a Small Canadian City. Verzuh, Ron Essay Sep 22, 2018 13091
Finding Footprints of the Operation Condor: Cooperation Between Brazil and Uruguay in Communist Matters Before the Seventies. Baptista, Roberto, Jr.; Garcia, Roberto Report Sep 22, 2017 5740
Depression and repression: Canada between the wars: Canada has a long tradition of using fear of "the other" to suppress political rights for all. Brown, Lorne Mar 1, 2015 4451
A martyr factory? Roman Catholic crusade, Protestant missions and anti-communist propaganda against Soviet anti-religious policies, 1929-37. Roulin, Stephanie Essay Jul 1, 2014 7418
The traditions of African-American anti-communism. Arnesen, Eric Essay Jan 1, 2014 8777
Anti-communism in the USA and American Foreign Policy in the late 1940s. Callaghan, John Report Jan 1, 2014 7887
Reflections on writing the history of anti-communism. Fayet, Jean-Francois Essay Jan 1, 2014 4465
A century of anti-communisms: a roundtable discussion. Discussion Jan 1, 2014 13494
Anti-communism in twentieth-century Ireland. O'Connor, Emmet Report Jan 1, 2014 8152
Theodore Aubert and the entente internationale anticommuniste: an unofficial anti-marxist international. Caillat, Michel Report Jan 1, 2014 7899
Borges y el Congreso por la libertad de la Cultura. Mudrovcic, Maria Eugenia Critical essay Jul 1, 2013 10012
Arbitration or collaboration? The Australasian Society of Engineers in South Australia, 1904-68. Saunders, Malcolm; Lloyd, Neil Essay Nov 1, 2011 13348
Fred Koch: Oil man against communism: Fred Koch, the founder of Koch Industries, experienced abuses by industries large enough to run roughshod over others and by a communist government, and he fought back. Scaliger, Charles Jun 20, 2011 2569
"What he is speaks so loud that I can't hear what he's saying": R. W. Scott McLeod and the long shadow of Joe McCarthy. Bach, Morten; Hale, Korcaighe Essay Mar 22, 2010 13085
Religion, culture, and the Cold War: Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and America's anti-communist crusade of the 1950s. Winsboro, Irvin D.S.; Epple, Michael Essay Jun 22, 2009 11302
The looming battle: Our Lady of Fatima and public space in Cold War Queensland. Mason, Robert Jun 1, 2008 7092
Fighting the 'Red Menace': fearing Communism's spread from overseas, the U.S. government waged a decades-long battle at home. Price, Sean Oct 13, 2003 1724
Anti-communism, Patrick Peyton, CSC and the C.I.A. Gribble, Richard Jun 22, 2003 11477
Reading the Rosenbergs after Venona. Schrank, Bernice Mar 22, 2002 11049
Uncovering a Silent Betrayal: Using Oral History to Explore the Impact of McCarthyism on the Profession of Social Work in the United States. Reisch, Michael; Andrews, Janice Jun 22, 1999 7141
Cold War along the `Cactus Curtain': from 1954 through 1973, Latin America was a prime theater of the Cold War. Conflicts were waged from Guatemala in Central America, on Caribbean islands, to the tip of South America in Chile. These behind-the-scenes battles cost the lives of some 50 Americans. They died along what became symbolically known as the "Cactus Curtain." (America's Military Heritage Cold War: Part XIX). Kolb, Richard K. Jan 1, 1999 4233
Out of the alcoves. Lipset, Seymour Martin Jan 1, 1999 3387
Eisenhower and the Crusade for Freedom: the rhetorical origins of a Cold War campaign. Medhurst, Martin J. Biography Sep 22, 1997 8182
Who won the Cold War? Heilbrunn, Jacob Sep 1, 1996 5146
The second time as farce: the Right's "new McCarthyism." (public criticism of political correctness) Phelps, Christopher Oct 1, 1991 5720

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