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History repeats itself; LETTERS.

AS I write the scum who murdered little Daniel Pelka have been sentenced to 30 years.

A relative of the mother says that Britain should share some of the blame, and though this seems ridiculous, she may have a point.

A few weeks ago, a Social Services chief was in print (Mercury July 28), defending her professionals.

I see also see someone from the Social Services association saying they're not infallible, mistakes will always happen.

And Coventry's Safeguarding Children Board are having a 'serious case review'.

Yes, do have a review, and when it's finished, find a place for it on some dusty town hall shelf, or in Whitehall, alongside the others which have occurred over the years, after other tragic cases, and which these 'professionals' then ignore.

In recent times we've had Victoria Climbie, and Baby Peter, but I can think back to the 70s, and the Maria Colwell case in Brighton, then Jasmine Beckford, Tyra Henry, Heidi Koseda, Doreen Mason, Chelsea Brown, and sadly many more.

All were known to Social Services 'professionals', and in many cases to the equally culpable police, and all died a horrible, tragic death which could and should have been prevented.

At least Daniel's teachers tried to raise the alarm, though why they didn't insist on taking the case higher and higher when the 'professionals' ignored it, I can't imagine.

Doubtless many 'professional' social service workers have degrees, or other qualifications, and it seems they have an association to look after their interests.

Do many of them have an ounce of common sense? Evidence - masses of it, over long periods - says they don't.

Tony Holmes Drayton, Abingdon


KILLERS: Magdelena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek, right, who killed Daniel Pelka, above.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Aug 11, 2013
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