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History lesson. (Letters).

Enjoyed your "Guide to Popular Printing Methods" [March] but noticed you didn't have a real history for the Giclee section. Here it is:

It became apparent to the early digital pioneers like Maryanne Doe of Harvest Productions and Jack Duganne of Nash Editions that they needed a name to describe the prints they were making. They wanted to draw a distinction between what they were producing and the quickie proofs commercial printers were cranking out of IRIS printers. In 1991, Duganne had to come up with a term for an artist's mailer. In his French dictionary, when looking up the French verb for "to spray," he found gicler. Turning the verb into noun made it "giclee," which means "that which is sprayed." An industry moniker was born.

Harald Johnson
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Author:Johnson, Harald
Publication:Art Business News
Date:Jun 1, 2002
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