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Articles from History Today (February 1, 2010)

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A History of Arctic Exploration. Gardiner, Juliet Book review 139
A League of its own: the League of Nations has been much derided as a historical irrelevance, but it laid the foundations for an international court and established bodies that the United Nations maintains today. Henig, Ruth 1006
A maidservant's lot: R.C. Richardson describes the fortunes of young women driven by poverty into domestic service in early modern England. a number fell victim to predatory masters and ended up with illegitimate children, only to be ejected from households into penury or, worse, executed for infanticide. Richardson, R.C. 3499
All singing, 'all dancing: sexually explicit jigs were a major part of the attraction of the Elizabethan, Jacobean and restoration stage, as Lucie Skeaping explains. Skeaping, Lucie Critical essay 3479
An awful year. Gault, Hugh Letter to the editor 444
An Infinity of Things How Sir Henry Wellcome Collected the World. Robinson, Andrew Book review 519
Birth of Louis XV of France. Cavendish, Richard Biography 811
Boutros Ghali assassinated. Cavendish, Richard 338
Carthage: the lost Mediterranean civilisation: little remains of the great North African empire that was Rome's most formidable enemy, because, as Richard Miles explains, only its complete annihilation could satisfy its younger rival. Miles, Richard 4679
Chekhov and conservation: the great Russian author drew inspiration from the countryside and explored the practical and spiritual impact of trees on people, as well as on the environment and climate. Quinault, Roland 2184
Dr Trelawney's cabinet of historical curiosities. Pollard, Justin 661
England's Last War Against France: Fighting Vichy 1940-1942. Jones, Nigel Book review 620
Family Britain 1951-57. Weight, Richard Book review 743
French letters. Archer, M. Scott Letter to the editor 213
From the editor. Lay, Paul Editorial 403
Good health for America? America has struggled to reform public healthcare for over 100 years and now has a byzantine, costly system controlled by powerful, money-hungry interest groups. Martin Gorsky wonders whether President Obama can deliver reform. Gorsky, Martin 2318
Hellenists all. Bamford, Daniel Letter to the editor 298
No Enchanted Palace: the End of Empire and the Ideological Origins of the United Nations. Porter, Bernard Book review 729
Pastimes or amusement & enlightenment through quizzes, conundrums, historical facts & the crossword. Brief article 299
Picturing piscators: since the late middle ages the sport of angling has inspired illustrators and cartoonists. Bryant, Mark 893
Post imperial. Webb, Richard Letter to the editor 111
Rebirth of the Ashmolean: the world's oldest public museum has received an architectural makeover. Peter Furtado takes delight in the accessible new layout and the intelligent display of the collection's many treasures. Furtado, Peter 1285
Robert Bruce and the Scottish Church. Cavendish, Richard 452
Round & About: February 2010. Calendar 1777
Selective memories. Kelly, Martin Letter to the editor 295
Sign Posts: Maritime History. Cordingly, David 1050
Sweet Water and Bitter: the Ships that Stopped the Slave Trade. Christopher, Emma Book review 355
The king of swords: the Bamburgh sword, a unique pattern-welded weapon found in Northumbria, has helped shed new light on a critical period of Anglo-Saxon history. Albert, Edoardo; Gething, Paul Brief article 1053
The Turkish Conundrum. Crowley, Roger 849
The View from Albion Bagehot and the Constitution: The English political journalist Walter Bagehot was one of the few contemporary commentators on either side of the Atlantic to grapple with the constitutional issues that lay behind the outbreak of the American Civil War. Frank Prochaska discusses his ideas. Prochaska, Frank 3757
Titanic and Liverpool. Gardiner, Juliet Book review 198
United kingdoms. Gaizauska, V. Letter to the editor 225
Voice of the dispossessed: the 2009 Nobel Prize winner for literature is well placed to describe the trials of Eastern Europe minorities through the maelstrom of the 20th century. Bauer, Markus 904
Web Review: Turning the pages of Darwin's notebooks and Scott's last expedition. Hadley, Kathryn Brief article 318
When soldiers kill civilians: the battle for Saipan, 1944: the American soldiers who fought their way through the islands of the Pacific during the Second World War encountered fierce Japanese resistance but few local people. That all changed with the invasion of the Mariana Islands. Hughes, Matthew 2888

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