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History Through Art and Architecture.

This program addresses American art and architecture from the condos of the Anasazi to the present. It is designed for grades four through nine but is useful at all grade levels. Its basic objective is to help students acquire an understanding of the historic and contemporary artifacts of American culture, and to be able to apply it to their present environment and experience.

First as a series of filmstrips, the program is now converted to two videotapes accompanied by a large wall poster, teaching manual, and student workbook. The contents of the program are well presented, authoritative, and cover a remarkable range of objects including blankets, petroglyphs, paintings, buildings, tools and utensils, sculpture, drawings, diagrams and so on.


One of the more intriguing resources now available to teachers is a cassette recording of Ken Nordine. Its title, while explicit, only suggests the contents of the recording. It is somewhat difficult to describe in that Nordine strings together sequences of very provocative phrases creating a word-sound sense of a wide range of colors which are both familiar and uncommon. What do black, puce, magenta, beige, yellow, green and so on, sound like, seem like, say like or rhyme like. Intriguing. . . indeed this is a wonderful motivational tape for all ages. The tape has great potential for interdisciplinary use, especially between subjects such as art, music, language arts and speech. Its bound to interest students and challenge their mind's eye.

Colors is one of a number of tapes that make up Nordine's valid contribution to the business of teaching in the arts. Titles such as Triple Talk, World Jazz, and Share with You Ears suggest the range and texture of resources available from his procedure. For a request and $10.00, Colors can be purchased from Snail Record, 6106N. Kenmore, Chicago, Illinois 60660. It will be accompanied by a listing of other cassette tapes well worth hearing again and again.



Multi-Cultural is one of a series of programs developed by Shorewood Fine Arts Productions, a firm well-known for high-quality art prints. It is made up of a series of kits containing a teacher's guide and twelve 22" x 28" reproductions selected to illustrate themes implicit in the cultural artifacts of diverse societies. The theme of life, death and rebirth is portrayed in an Egyptian mummy case, the Pieta, a Mimbres bowl, and a Roman sarcophagus. Human emotions and the ways they are expressed and the ways they are expressed are shown in an image of a Chinese leaf album, a Persian manuscript, and the works of artists Arnaldo Roche and Diego Rivera. Other themes are made apparent in images of artifacts created by Native American and African societies.

While the intentions are grand, there are limitations inherent in a presentation of twelve images and a thin guide containing brief "Points of Discussion" and "Suggested Activities." At best, this program serves as a starting point for inquiries into the visual records of diverse societies. On the plus side, the program is affordable and provides teachers with excellent reproductions that will stimulate learning. For those seeking a starter set of visuals, or wishing to enhance a collection already at hand, this program firs the bill and is recommended for use at all levels of instruction. For more information on this program and others in the series, contact Shorewood Fine Art Reproductions, Inc., 27 Glen Road, Sandy Hook, Connecticut 06482.
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Date:Dec 1, 1991
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