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History, a Microsecond.

<TN>Alexis Levitin</TN>

 Night on the eve of an explosion, wow. That angel really blew the
place up.
 He inspired paintings and musical compositions, all while floating
backwards, stuck in flight.
He said, take this and eat.
Really eat. Magnify. Magnify again.
The hornet is always only one
with its genetic code.
Small strands of even smaller pricks.
They replicate until they are seen. One, two, three: infinity.
Love and death are everywhere. 

Kristin Prevallet ( is the author of I, Afterlife: Essay in Mourning Time (Essay Press) and Everywhere Here and in Brooklyn (Belladonna Collaborative). The Boston Review, Spoon River Review, StoneCutter, and The New Republic have published her poems, and her book Visualize Comfort: Healing and the Unconscious Mind is forthcoming from the Belladonna Collaborative/Wide Reality in summer 2017. Prevallet teaches for Bard College's Prison Initiative, and she maintains a private hypnotherapy practice in Westchester, NY.

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Title Annotation:three poems
Author:Prevallet, Kristin
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:May 1, 2017
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