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Global History in the Premodern Age?: A Medieval and an Early Modern Perspective; The Niederrheinische Orientbericht (ca. 1350) and Adam Olearius's Vermehrte New Beschreibung der Muscowitischen vnd Persischen Reyse (1647; 1656). Classen, Albrecht Critical essay Mar 22, 2021 15395
Archives of the Terror: Developments in the Historiography of Stalin's Purges. Khlevniuk, Oleg V. Critical essay Mar 22, 2021 8222
Gender Disparities in Witchcraft Beliefs: A Challenge to Nigerian and African Historiography. Okonkwo, Uche Uwaezuoke; Eze, V.O; Ukaogo, Victor; Okoye-Ugwu, Stella; Orabueze, F.O Report Jan 1, 2021 10060
The Sanskrit Inscription of Sankara and Its Interpretation in the National History of Indonesia. Griffiths, Arlo Report Jan 1, 2021 9250
SYMPOSIUM: What is a little-known fact or interpretation of a piece of history that changes our commonly accepted version of events? DeGusta, David; Peters, Clinton Crockett; Sen, Chaitali; Childers, Jodie; Benavides, Yvette; Bridgef Sep 22, 2020 6401
The 'Wyrdwriteras' of Elvish History: Northern Courage, Historical Bias, and Literary Artifact as Illustrative Narrative. Gallant, Richard Z. Essay Sep 22, 2020 8887
KANT'S HERMENEUTICS OF PROGRESS. Biondi, Zachary Critical essay Jul 1, 2020 6929
Old and New Uchinanchu (Okinawan) Tales: A Reflection on Family Methodology and Ethnic Epiphanies. Higa, Keith Personal account Sep 22, 2019 5808
How Can We Write Better Histories of Communism? Palmer, Bryan D. Mar 22, 2019 16827
ESEH Notepad. Balslev, Yaron J. Report Feb 1, 2019 2107
HAYDEN WHITE: IN MEMORIAM. Kleinberg, Ethan Obituary Dec 22, 2018 5875
Shahrazad's 1001 Mediations: Translation in the Inter-Imperial Economy. Doyle, Laura Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 11298
Spiegelungen in Dandin's Mirror: A Comparative Pursuit in the Translatability of Narrative Modes, Historicity, Prose, and Vernacularism across French and Asian Medieval Historiography. Kragh, Ulrich Timme Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 17477
Ottoman Historiography: Challenges of the Twenty-First Century. Gerber, Haim Critical essay Apr 1, 2018 10601
Environmental History and Garden History in China and the West: Problems, Methods and Responses. Beattie, James Essay Feb 1, 2018 7924
Problems and Possibilities of a "New" Muscovite Source. Boeck, Brian J. Essay Jan 1, 2018 2756
The Reformation as Revolution: Anticlericalism, Social Movements, and Modern Conceptions of Freedom. Goertz, Hans-Jurgen Essay Oct 1, 2017 8858
Signposts: Cyrus Adler's Vision of American Jewish Historical Writing. Gurock, Jeffrey S. Essay Oct 1, 2017 4997
State of the Field: Israeli Historiography on American Jewry. Alroey, Gur Essay Oct 1, 2017 6739
Modern Historians and Jewish Transnational Perspectives. Lederhendler, Eli Essay Oct 1, 2017 1863
Defying Ideas and Structures: Writing Global History from Latin America. Krepp, Stella; Moreli, Alexandre Conference notes Sep 22, 2017 3955
A "Crisscrossing" Historical Analysis of Four Theories of the Press. Rantanen, Terhi Report Sep 1, 2017 9395
C. Vann Woodward: Reinterpretation of Traditional Southern Historiographical Arguments. Malone, G. Charmaine Report Apr 1, 2017 6013
Finding Cina: a new paradigm for early Bugis history. Caldwell, Ian; Wellen, Kathryn Essay Apr 1, 2017 10825
An East Timorese domain: Luca from central and peripheral perspectives. Barnes, Susana; Hagerdal, Hans; Palmer, Lisa Report Apr 1, 2017 12548
A Lesser Imitation (?): How Redeployment Recalls, Expands, and Departs from The Things They Carried. Howard, Grace Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 9519
Silence upon the southwest: a historiographical interrogation of literature and discourse on the Gukurahundi Massacres (1982-1987). Mavima, Shingi Report Nov 1, 2016 9380
Affective historiography: archival aesthetics and the temporalities of televisual nation-building. Koivunen, Anu Report Oct 1, 2016 6496
Translating history and expunging treason: textual and political intervention in the conspiracy of the Duke of Biron. Izquierdo, Adrian Jun 22, 2016 8158
Arabic sources and the search for a new historiography in Ibadan in the 1960s. Kane, Ousmane Essay May 1, 2016 1114
Egodocuments and history: a short account of the Longue Duree. Mascuch, Michael; Dekker, Rudolf; Baggerman, Arianne Essay Mar 22, 2016 21190
The ethical discourse of tragedy and (pseudo-)historiography. Hajdu, Peter Essay Mar 1, 2016 3652
Historicising historical theory's history of cultural historiography. Moore, Alison Essay Jan 1, 2016 14147
Twenty-first century indigenous historiography: twenty-two must-read books. Desveaux, Michelle; Chasse, Patrick; Iceton, Glenn; Janhunen, Anne; Wahpasiw, Omeasoo Recommended readings Dec 22, 2015 10239
Boosting the social structures in modern Romania: a historiographical perspective in the post-communist era. Nacu, Florin Essay Dec 1, 2015 4441
The historiography of the Russian revolution 100 years on. Smith, S.A. Essay Sep 22, 2015 7475
The Russian revolution from a provincial perspective. Novikovasa, Liudmila Essay Sep 22, 2015 7288
Partition historiography. Dube, Pankhuree R. Essay Mar 22, 2015 10540
Communist and non-communist historiography about the seventeenth century: discourse, chronology, labels. Ilie, Liviu Marius Essay Jan 1, 2015 4962
The King's Station and functions in the political discourse of the Safavid era. Mogaddam, Shahrzad Rezai Report Jan 1, 2015 4731
Syene as face of battle: Heliodorus and late antique historiography. Ross, Alan J. Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 11156
Addiction in Europe, 1860s-1960s: concepts and responses in Italy, Poland, Austria, and the United Kingdom. Berridge, Virginia; Mold, Alex; Beccaria, Franca; Eisenbach-Stangl, Irmgard; Herczynska, Grazyna; Mo Dec 22, 2014 9727
Canadian working-class environmentalism, 1965-1985. MacPhee, Katrin Report Sep 22, 2014 12711
Writing a singular past: Mon history and "modern" historiography in Burma. McCormick, Patrick Essay Jul 1, 2014 11123
Insights into independent Zimbabwe: some historiographical reflections. Nyamunda, Tinashe Report Jun 1, 2014 5960
Assumptions or conclusions: the treatment of early General Baptist doctrinal conflict by selected surveys of Baptist history. Hawkins, Merrill M., Jr. Essay Mar 22, 2014 5230
Montrose and modern memory: the literary after-life of the first marquis of Montrose. Macdonald, Catriona M.M. Essay Mar 22, 2014 11185
Reporting Stalin's famine: Jones and Muggeridge: a case study in forgetting and rediscovery. Cherfas, Teresa Case study Sep 22, 2013 14382
African cultural consciousness and African-centered historiography as preconditions for Wilson's new world order. Hopkins, Reginald Essay Jul 15, 2013 5552
The significance of the different names applied by historians to the events of 1857. Soherwordi, Syed Hussain Shaheed Report Jun 30, 2013 7887
Re-weaving memory: representations of the interwar and communist periods in the Romanian Orthodox Church after 1989. Conovici, Iuliana Report Jun 22, 2013 9258
Remixing the historical record: revolutions in hip hop historiography. Meghelli, Samir Essay Jun 22, 2013 6422
"As liuing now, equald theyr vertues then": early modern allusions, Boudicca, and the failure of monologic historiographies. Schechter, Laura Essay Jun 1, 2013 14007
The Jinshin Rebellion and the politics of historical narrative in early Japan. Duthie, Torquil Critical essay Apr 1, 2013 14895
The Doctors. Morrissey, Sinead Poem Mar 22, 2013 325
Richard III's forelives: rewriting Elizabeth(s) in Tudor historiography. Meyer, Allison Machlis Essay Jan 1, 2013 12568
Eleventh Biennial BRC Conference. Sather, Clifford Conference news Jan 1, 2013 1657
'Little Moscows' revisited. What we can learn from French and German cases. Knotter, Ad Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 6109
Bastions, black spots and other variations: in and beyond the specificities of the Little Moscow. Morgan, Kevin Report Jan 1, 2013 6069
The Committee of Detail. Ewald, William Sep 22, 2012 15061
The Committee of Detail. Ewald, William Sep 22, 2012 23156
"La Garde meurt mais ne se rend pas!": once again on the 28 Panfilov heroes. Statiev, Alexander Essay Sep 22, 2012 12710
Lithuanian railways marked on old maps/ Lietuvos gelezinkeliai senuosiuose zemelapiuose. Lukosevicius, Viktoras Report Mar 1, 2012 3260
Churches at War: then and now. McKernan, Michael Essay Jan 1, 2012 4248
Literary Geography and Comparative Literature. Dominguez, Cesar Essay Dec 1, 2011 4614
The spatial turn in literary historiography. Aseguinolaza, Fernando Cabo Critical essay Dec 1, 2011 6392
Emperor Julian and the Gods of Homer. Fulford, Robert Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 2361
Ten years after the "remarkable decade". Editorial Sep 22, 2011 1695
Muscovy and its mythologies: pre-Petrine history in the past decade. Levin, Eve Essay Sep 22, 2011 7009
Rulers and ruled, 1700-1917. Wikler, Martina Essay Sep 22, 2011 8111
Bringing the provinces into focus: subnational spaces in the recent historiography of Russia. Smith-Peter, Susan Essay Sep 22, 2011 6630
The historical novel, ideology and re-organization of the semiosphere: the case of the Slovene historical novel. Matajc, Vanesa Essay Aug 1, 2011 5567
Critical historiographies in educational theory: retemporalizing experience 'after' the spatial turn. Peters, Michael A. Report Jul 1, 2011 7579
Historiography and the material imagination in the novels of Sarah Waters. Boehm, Katharina Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 9826
The Australian place in comparative labour history. Markey, Raymond Essay May 1, 2011 12162
Trotsky Explains Lenin to Frida Kahlo. Neufeldt, Leonard N. Poem Mar 22, 2011 202
Urbanisation, South African literatures and the cultural text/Verstedeliking, Suid-Afrikaanse letterkundes en die kultuurteks. van Niekerk, Jacomien Report Mar 22, 2011 16929
Faulkner's literary historiography: color, photography, and the accessible past. Lurie, Peter Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 11394
South African film history vs the history of motion pictures in South Africa. Eckardt, Michael Essay Mar 1, 2011 2872
Recent historiography of the People's Republic of China, 1949-76. Smith, Stephen A. Report Jan 1, 2011 8067
"The New Jew" in the Zionist movement: ideology and historiography. Conforti, Yitzhak Essay Jan 1, 2011 10646
Translation and treachery: historiography and the betrayal of meaning in Anna Banti's Artemisia. Craig, Siobhan S. Critical essay Dec 22, 2010 7709
From the editor. Lay, Paul Editorial Oct 1, 2010 393
The decline of a discipline: David Womersley revisits an article, first published in History Today in 1969, in which J.H. Plumb contrasts Edward Gibbon's approach to the study of history with that of the modern academic. Womersley, David Critical essay Oct 1, 2010 741
The Period in which We Live. Rankov, Pavol Short story Jun 22, 2010 2250
Centering and decentering Methodologies: Wang Anyi's migratory Mythology and descriptive historiography. Choy, Howard Y.F. Critical essay Jun 22, 2010 11761
A comparative historiography of the Hungarian and Slovakian national philosophies: a central European case/ Vengru ir Slovaku nacionaliniu filosofiju komparatyvistine istoriografija: vidurio Europos atvejis. Mester, Bela Report Jan 1, 2010 3752
A world without end: Jonathan Clark, editor of a major new history of the British Isles, considers what effect the intellectual currents of our own time have had on the way historians write. Clark, Jonathan Essay Jan 1, 2010 2300
Pacific Eldorado: rethinking Greater California's past. Osborne, Thomas J. Dec 22, 2009 13603
Local contexts, global frameworks, and the future of the California history course. Wild, Mark Dec 22, 2009 1897
"Pacific Eldorado": scholarship, pedagogy, and the community college student. Gold, Christina Dec 22, 2009 2612
Global California contra greater California. Ethington, Philip J. Essay Dec 22, 2009 2590
Convergence, California, and the newest Western history. Aron, Stephen Essay Sep 1, 2009 7680
Mortal embrace: Germans and (Soviet) Russians in the First Half of the 20th Century. Beyrau, Dietrich Essay Jun 22, 2009 8466
Locating the new social history: transnational historiography and Australian local history. Waterhouse, Richard Essay Jun 1, 2009 7866
Stories and things: the role of the local historical society, Campbelltown, Camden and the Oaks. Willis, Ian Essay Jun 1, 2009 8182
Letters and diaries as useful tools in the construct of history: a case study of emigration from Frauenstein to Australia 1852-54. Reynolds, Kathrine Case study Jun 1, 2009 5673
Spatial historiography and empire in Michel Butor's Degres. Haacke, Paul Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 6006
So many books, so little time to read: Baptist historiography, 1979-2009. Durso, Pamela R.; Weaver, C. Douglas Report Mar 22, 2009 4409
We are all post-Jewish historians now: what American Jewish history brings to the table. Hyman, Paula E. Mar 1, 2009 3109
'Should we all be on Marx's side?' Contributions of post-marxist discourse theory to the historiography of communism. Lopes, Antonio Jan 1, 2009 8431
A memorial to forgetting: Libbie Custer's re-vision of General Custer's legacy. Mathias, Elizabeth Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 4958
African American historiography and community history preservation: a position paper. Fordham, Monroe Jan 1, 2009 594
Introduction to special section: the impact of Sputnik on American Education. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 206
Historiography as pedagogy: thoughts about the messy past and why we shouldn't clean it up. Wrobel, David M. Mar 22, 2008 4800
History in Russia comes of age: institution-building, cosmopolitanism, and theoretical debates among historians in late imperial Russia. Berelowitch, Wladimir Jan 1, 2008 10371
Women's politics, poetry, and the feminist historiography of the Great War. Bell, Amy Dec 22, 2007 10988
The Devil Only Knows. Ricks, Christopher Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 3369
Castle Mailer. Begiebing, Robert J. Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 3002
Mailer's choice. Solomon, Barbara Probst Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 2329
Moments of Metaphor in Mailer's Castle. Sipiora, Phillip Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 1814
Struggles for democracy in Latin America. Stanley, William D. Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 1825
Jigsaw puzzles, mosaics, and civil war battle narratives. Noe, Kenneth W. Sep 1, 2007 3209
The battlefield and beyond. Rable, George Sep 1, 2007 3229
Writing battle history: the challenge of memory. Reardon, Carol Sep 1, 2007 5010
Black areas: urban kampongs and power relations in post-war Singapore historiography. Seng, Loh Kah Apr 1, 2007 9890
The objectivity problematique in historical studies/Tarih calismalarinda tarafsizlik sorunsali. Isci, Onur Essay Mar 22, 2007 4696
History for life: simms and Nietzsche compared. Pearce, Colin D. Essay Mar 22, 2007 9343
History, nation and politics in King Hu's Dragon Gate Inn and A Touch of Zen. Teo, Stephen Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 6536
Pots & pans and bats & balls. Thorn, John Essay Jan 1, 2007 3240
Critical historiography in Atanarjuat The Fast Runner and Ten Canoes. Crosbie, Tom Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 5386
Histories taking root: the contexts and patterns of educational historiography during the twentieth century. Ramsey, Paul J. Report Jan 1, 2007 6713
The Great War and its historiography. Showalter, Dennis Dec 22, 2006 3448
Historian in the cellar. Fisher, George Oct 1, 2006 10027
Depolarizing the past: the role of historical commissions in conflict mediation and reconciliation. Karn, Alexander M. Sep 22, 2006 9289
Confederate memory and monuments: of judicial opinions, statutes and buildings. Brophy, Alfred L. Sep 22, 2006 7246
The imperial turn. Editorial Sep 22, 2006 3899
Was there an "early Russian liberalism"? Perspectives from Russian and Anglo-American historiography. Shneider, Konstantin Sep 22, 2006 7133
Argument in Holocaust denial: the differences between historical casuistry and denial, casuistry. Wright, Jaime Essay Sep 22, 2006 8029
Food supply and economic ideology: Indian corn relief during the second year of the great Irish famine (1847). Harzallah, Mohamed Salah Jun 22, 2006 7492
The rhetoric of literary realism in Leopold von Ranke's historiography. Maurer, Kathrin Jun 22, 2006 7273
"A case, an affair, an event" (The Dossier by Michel Foucault). Chrostowska, S.D. Jun 22, 2006 7262
"Of skulls or spirits": the haunting space between fictional(ized) history and historical note. Westerman, Molly Jun 22, 2006 9252
Correcting corrections: de-reifying the new Israeli historiography. Da'Na, Seif Mar 22, 2006 10508
Les memoires fleurissent dans les lieux ruines: Le voyage dans le Nord d'Hayti ou les paradoxes de l'historiographie d'une jeune nation. Middelanis, Carl Hermann Critical essay Mar 22, 2006 7490
A Religious Sonderweg? Reflections on the Sacred and the Secular in the Historiography of Modern Germany. Williamson, George S. Mar 1, 2006 8184
Commentary--a "religious turn" in modern European historiography? Howard, Thomas Albert Mar 1, 2006 2504
Better shorter, but better. Editorial Jan 1, 2006 891
More than a snapshot: Allen Tate's ironic historical consciousness in The Fathers. Cagle, Jeremy Critical essay Dec 22, 2005 7156
The limits of credulity (presidential address). Beckman, Gary Jul 1, 2005 6261
A note on the genesis and character of Srivara's so-called "Jaina-Rajatarangini". Slaje, Walter Jul 1, 2005 6056
Beyond history in history: historiographic threads in foucault and Levinas. Marder, Michael Jun 22, 2005 8516
The Hoang Le nhat thong chi and historiography of late eighteenth-century Dai Viet. Dutton, George Jun 1, 2005 12024
Revolutions in time: Chateaubriand on the antiquity of the earth. Sainson, Katia Critical Essay Jan 1, 2005 6639
Historiographical concerns in the history of anthropology. Williams, Vernon J., Jr. Dec 22, 2004 3017
"A struggle which has ended so beneficently": a century of Jewish historical writing about the American Civil War. Mendelsohn, Adam Dec 1, 2004 8367
God and the pursuit of America's self-understanding: toward a synthesis of American historiography. Davis, Derek H. Jun 22, 2004 6860
The changing historiographies of Laos: a focus on the early period. Pholsena, Vatthana Jun 1, 2004 14365
Narrative flow: narrative historian and festival organizer Derek Wilson looks back over half a century of popularising history. Wilson, Derek Apr 1, 2004 1707
Coming to terms with the past: Japan: Rikki Kersten extols the example of an unlikely hero, the historian Ienaga Saburo, who singlehandedly challenged Japan's official view of responsibility for its behaviour in the Second World War. Kersten, Rikki Mar 1, 2004 2858
Coming to terms with the past: Israel; David Cesarani examines the effects of a long history on a new nation state. Cesarani, David Feb 1, 2004 2710
Writing world history: C.A. Bayly looks at the opportunities presented to the historian in 21st century when trying to write the history of the world. Bayly, C.A. Feb 1, 2004 2323
Military history today: Jeremy Black calls for a more wide-ranging, inclusive approach to the history of warfare. Black, Jeremy Nov 1, 2003 1662
Social history in Europe. Kaelble, Hartmut Sep 22, 2003 3610
Accommodating history. Kordan, Bohdan Jun 22, 2003 1190
Between myth and history: Michelet, Levi-Strauss, Barthes, and the structural analysis of myth. Edelstein, Dan Critical Essay Jun 22, 2003 6337
Review of English Language Historiography of the Polish Air Force. (Review Essay). Peszke, Michael Alfred Mar 22, 2003 3421
Southeast Asian history and the Mediterranean analogy. Sutherland, Heather Feb 1, 2003 11517
Resisting Oblivion: historiography of the destroyed Palestinian village of Lubya. Issa, Mahmoud Feb 1, 2003 7615
Historical discourse and American identity in Westerns since the Reagan administration. Keller, Alexandra Critical essay Jan 1, 2003 6627
Shifting perspectives on the great rebellion: Austin Woolrych reflects on how historians' approaches to the events of 1640-60 have been changing over the half century that he has been working on the period. Woolrych, Austin Nov 1, 2002 3709
MI5, the security service, is to publish an official history to mark its centenary in 2009--opening its secret files dating back 100 years to the historian chosen to undertake the job. (News). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 109
Awards. (Endnotes). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 251
Recent currents in the historiography of the radical reformation. Roth, John D. Sep 1, 2002 5058
Pacific Islander involvement in the pastoral industry of the Gulf of Carpentaria (1). Hopkins-Weise, Jeff Jun 1, 2002 8516
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples: Andrew Roberts reintroduces us to Churchill's long-delayed epic work, which was written with the assistance of a former editor of History Today. (Cross Current). Roberts, Andrew May 1, 2002 2756
The flowering of Florence: the artists commissioned by the Medicis "brought to their subjects not only a masterly technique, but a freshness and originality of style that would have a lasting influence on botanical illustration and the art of naturalistic painting." (Museum Today). Hirschauer, Gretchen A. May 1, 2002 1203
Pontiac Redux: Reconsiderations of the Man and the Image. (History). Beauchamp, Helene; Walsh, Martin W.; Atkin, Graham Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 249
Lieutenant-General Cosgrove and the born-again Vietnam protesters. Marchant, Leslie R. Mar 22, 2002 3535
Where does history come from? Alun Munslow argues that the centrality of narrative to history undermines empirical views of the subject. (Today's History). Munslow, Alun Mar 1, 2002 2731
Escaping from a polemical history: until hearts and minds are changed (1). Cross, Laurence Jan 1, 2002 4084
A long time coming: Harry Belafonte's glorious music history lesson. Stringer, Jeffrey Interview Jan 1, 2002 1493
"Fiery toungues:" Language, liturgy, and the paradox of the English Reformation. Rosendale, Timothy Dec 22, 2001 10280
Of Nubians and Nabateans: Implications of research on neglected dimensions of ancient world history. Benjamin, Jesse Nov 1, 2001 9939
The dynamics of resistance and emulation in makassarese history. Cummings, William Oct 1, 2001 8534
Thackeray as Metahistorian, or the realist via media. Barnaby, Edward T. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 8709
Foucault's analogies, or how to be a historian of the present without being a presentist. Gross, Daniel M. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 9774
Response to Theodore Binnema. (Debate). Sioui, George Sep 22, 2001 514
Asking the BIG Questions:. MURPHY, MAUREEN O.; SINGER, ALAN J. Sep 1, 2001 4810
NHD NATIONAL HISTORY DAY. SIMPSON, MICHAEL; LAPHAM, STEVEN S. Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2001 2270
"America's histories" revisited: the case of Tell Them They Lie. Kalter, Susan Jun 22, 2001 10067
'Black Germans do not exist'. (Cover Story). Boateng, Osei Cover Story May 1, 2001 7314
United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, 1701-2000: Chronicling Three Centuries of Mission. O'Connor, Daniel Apr 1, 2001 3891
Rule, Victoria: an America by another name. Saum, Lewis O. Essay Mar 22, 2001 9188
Habiru-like Bands in the Assyrian Empire and Bands in Biblical Historiography. Naaman, Nadau Oct 1, 2000 3075
Some millennial reflections on the state of Canadian labour history. Morton, Desmond Sep 22, 2000 12414
"History of us": social science, history, and the relations of family in Canada. Comacchio, Cynthia Sep 22, 2000 26240
Skirting the Issue: Machiavelli's Caterina Sforza [*]. HAIRSTON, JULIA L. Sep 22, 2000 13538
Out of the Margins: Religion and the Church in Renaissance Italy [*]. PETERSON, DAVID S. Sep 22, 2000 16720
Eusebius Tries Again: Reconceiving the Study of Christian History. Walls, Andrew F. Jul 1, 2000 5814
Narrative and Historiography: Writing the France of the Occupation. Carrard, Philippe Jun 22, 2000 7627
Scenes from Provincial Life: History, Honor, and Meaning in the Tudor North [*]. PALMER, WILLIAM Jun 22, 2000 10864
Unsolved Mysteries: Agents of Historical Change in John Fowles's A Maggot. ROESSNER, JEFFREY Critical Essay Jun 22, 2000 7118
Body Of Evidence: Aileen Palmer's Textual Lives. Newman, Sally Excerpt May 1, 2000 13535
The Architecture of Old Mission Peninsula and the Michigan Rural Property Inventory. LAU, WANDA W. Apr 1, 2000 5241
New books may give St. Louis a new Image. Judd, Dennis R. Apr 1, 2000 1279
"Night and Day Is Dead": Virginia Woolf in London "Literary and Historic". ZEMGULYS, ANDREA P. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2000 8969
Heritage crusade and the spoils of history. Book Review Mar 22, 2000 1548
Fantasy island. Morrone, Francis Feb 1, 2000 3944
Seeing the Past with the Mind's Eye: The Consecration of the Romantic Historian. TOLLEBEEK, JO Critical Essay Jan 1, 2000 10020
Arts of power. Dean, Paul Nov 1, 1999 1517
Literary Genealogy, Virile Rhetoric, and John Gower's Confessio Amantis. WATT, DIANE Critical Essay Sep 22, 1999 10664
The Vietnam War and the Teaching and Writing of Oral History: The Reliability of the Narrator. Prescott, Renate W. Jun 22, 1999 6673
The history of Southern Baptist History, 1938-1995. Holcomb, Carol Crawford Jun 22, 1999 3440
History: From Moral Science to the Computer. Pomian, Krzysztof Mar 22, 1999 8836
The History of Art between the 20th and the 21st Century. de Leeuw, Ronald Mar 22, 1999 2758
Willa Cather's "pioneer" novels and (not new, not old) historical reading. Frus, Phyllis; Corkin, Stanley Mar 22, 1999 11591
Parting shots. Aufderheide, Pat Feb 1, 1999 2278
Cultural Historicity in The Battle of Maldon. DAVIS, CRAIG R. Critical Essay Jan 1, 1999 6853
Stylistic description as historical method: French films of the German Occupation. O'Brien, Charles Sep 22, 1998 10320
Gossip and resistance among the medieval peasantry. Wickham, Chris Aug 1, 1998 9756
A gendered enterprise: placing nineteenth-century businesswomen in history. Gamber, Wendy Jun 22, 1998 12158
"Vital industry" and women's ventures: conceptualizing gender in twentieth century business history. Peiss, Kathy Jun 22, 1998 8596
Values and methods in the classroom transformation of oral history. Grele, Ronald J. Jun 22, 1998 4903
Industrial unionism as liberator or leash? The limits of "rank-and-filism" in American labor historiography. McCartin, Joseph A. Mar 22, 1998 4867
Manuel scolaire dans l'historiographie quebecoise. Book Review Mar 22, 1998 441
Autonomous history and 'The Invention of Politics.' Lockhart, Greg Mar 1, 1998 9573
Reconstructing the past: a structural idealist approach. Mann, Doug Jan 1, 1998 8225
How many books did Diodorus Siculus originally intend to write? Rubincam, Catherine Jan 1, 1998 3257
French revolutionary studies in today's China. Yi, Gao Dec 1, 1997 5061
Voice trouble: the search for women's words in French historiography. Carrard, Philippe Sep 22, 1997 8408
Incriminating documents: Nechaev and Dostoevsky in J.M. Coetzee's 'The Master of Petersburg.' (Sergei Nechaev, Fyodor Dostoevsky) Scanlan, Margaret Sep 22, 1997 5893
An interview with Willa K. Baum: a career at the Regional Oral History Office. K'Meyer, Tracy E. Interview Jun 22, 1997 8339
Rescuing art from modern oblivion. Strauss, David Levi Jun 22, 1997 6055
Feminine gender, past imperfect. Martin, Tony Apr 1, 1997 1942
A grand tour: reading Gibbon's 'Decline and Fall.' (Edward Gibbon's 'The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire') Kelly, Christopher Apr 1, 1997 9762
Greece restored: Greece and the Greek War of Independence in French Romantic historiography 1821-1830. Glencross, Michael Mar 1, 1997 7137
Contested time and place: constructions of history in Todo, Manggarai (Western Flores, Indonesia). Erb, Maribeth Mar 1, 1997 16620
What do we mean by Europe? Pocock, J.G.A. Jan 1, 1997 7139
Land of war, land of peace. Howard, Michael Jan 1, 1997 2793
Unsettling the wilderness: Susan Howe and American history. Nicholls, Peter Dec 22, 1996 5696
Bruckner scholarship in the last ten years (1987-96). Howie, Crawford Nov 1, 1996 7620
Nationalism, the Jews, and art history. Olin, Margaret Sep 22, 1996 11053
Reading the historians' resistance to reading: an essay on historiographic schizophrenia. Cohen, Sande Sep 22, 1996 11688
History, historiography, and political science: multiple historical records and the problem of selection bias. Lustick, Ian S. Sep 1, 1996 13483
"Goak here": A.J.P. Taylor and 'The Origins of the Second World War.' Hett, Benjamin Carter Aug 1, 1996 12230
History's food and drink. Jun 1, 1996 829
"Anxieties of influence": Skinner, Figgis, conciliarism and early modern constitutionalism. Oakley, Francis May 1, 1996 23180
Spenser and the historical revolution: Briton moniments and the problem of Roman Britain. Curran, John E., Jr. Mar 22, 1996 8587
Henri Raymond Casgrain epistolier: reseau et litterature au XIXe siecle. Book Review Mar 22, 1996 998
Theatres of memory v1: past and present in contemporary culture. Book Review Mar 22, 1996 5071
Times and tides. Fernandez-Armesto, Felipe Column Mar 1, 1996 1699
Writing history for - and of - the millenium. Fernandez Armesto, Felipe Sep 1, 1995 1747
Historians and nation-building in Germany after reunification. Berger, Stefan Aug 1, 1995 14666
Girls growing up in later medieval England. Goldberg, Jeremy Jun 1, 1995 5511
Heritage through the lens. Smith, Pamela T. May 1, 1995 546
Stranger than fiction. Jardine, Lisa Mar 1, 1995 3728
Canadian controversies. Palmer, Bryan Cover Story Nov 1, 1994 3353
In defence of the Greek historians. Rhodes, P.J. Oct 1, 1994 7782
Distorted mirrors. Lowenthal, David Bibliography Feb 1, 1994 2166
The burden of history. Wunsch, James Feb 1, 1994 867
"Doing" early Islamic history: Brooklyn baseball, Arabic historiography, and historical memory. Lassner, Jacob Jan 1, 1994 8222
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