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CBCP warns public of 'radical distortions' in history of Martial Law, EDSA People Power Revolution. Feb 25, 2022 505
Scholars, professors raise issues about K-drama 'Snowdrop' to Walt Disney. Jan 12, 2022 3027
Nielsen Korea releases ratings for controversial K-drama 'Snowdrop'. Dec 22, 2021 537
JTBC will not cancel Korean drama 'Snowdrop' despite mounting criticisms. Dec 21, 2021 591
Anger vs K-drama 'Snowdrop' rages on: 305,000 Koreans sign petition to stop its airing. Dec 21, 2021 1030
More than 237,000 Koreans sign petition to stop airing of K-drama 'Snowdrop'. Dec 20, 2021 1086
Korean drama 'Snowdrop' premieres but petition filed to stop its airing. Dec 19, 2021 726
Reclaiming Revisionism. Romero, Michael Nov 1, 2021 1695
Marcos called out by 1Sambayan: 'Stop lies, historical distortions'. Oct 5, 2021 589
Proving the proverbial gadfly: situating the historical and racial context of Southern medical works by Mary Louise Marshall. Weeks, Aidy Report Oct 1, 2021 8493
'Fight for justice by Martial Law victims not over yet' -- CHR. Sep 21, 2021 531
Can historic houses tell more stories than they have done? Despite recent complaints that organisations such as the National Trust are 'rewriting' history, the real challenge is how historic properties can present a fuller and more complex account of the past. Turner, Olivia Horsfall; Cox, Oliver Column Jan 1, 2021 1382
Russia's Lost War. Tabarovsky, Izabella Sep 22, 2020 3838
Making and Remaking Silla Origins. Mcbride, Richard D., II Report Jul 1, 2020 11516
A Vietnamese literary riddle from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: Hoang Si Khai's Tu Thai Khuc. Taylor, K.W. Critical essay Jun 1, 2020 9539
Patrick Pearse and the Practice of Irish History. Moran, Sean Farrell Essay Sep 22, 2019 6127
HUNGARIAN AND SOVIET EFFORTS TO POSSESS RUTHENIA, 1938-1945. Pastor, Peter Report Sep 22, 2019 11774
Against the World: The Doctrine of Separation Within the Political Context of the Origins of Swiss Anabaptism. Rhodes, Daniel P. Report Mar 22, 2019 6745
SEPTIMA CLARK YELLED: A Revisionist History of Citizenship Schools. Smith, Spencer J. Essay Jan 1, 2019 6350
ON DEBAJO DEL MUNDO: AN EARLY REPRESENTATION OF THE HOLOCAUST. Zylberman, Lior Critical essay Jan 1, 2019 7391
African Renaissance, a Solar Epistemological and Religious Imperative for Afrocentricity. Luyaluka, Kiatezua Lubanzadio Report Nov 15, 2018 7242
Colonialism in Africa: A Revisionist Perspective. Gueye, Mansour Sep 1, 2018 4972
WHY IS CANADA DEFENDING NAZI SS ATROCITIES? Governments can re-visit history, not revise it. Pugliese, David Jul 1, 2018 1552
Great Romania under the Menace of the European Extremism and Revisionism. Nacu, Florin Report Jun 1, 2018 5594
No room in the what? Armstrong, Heidi Husted Column Dec 18, 2017 641
El precursor vedado. Beaudoin, Cecilia Critical essay Jul 1, 2017 8681
L'altra faccia della medaglia: Il ciclo dei vinti di Giampaolo Pansa. Serkowska, Hanna Critical essay May 1, 2017 9229
I Desire, Therefore I Am: South Asian Feminist Revisionism on Women's Forbidden Desires. Das, Devaleena Critical essay Nov 1, 2016 6108
Contested memories: a critical analysis of the black feminist revisionist history project. Watkins, Valethia Essay Jul 1, 2016 8085
Does it matter how one opposes memory bans? A commentary on Liberte pour L'histoire. Kahn, Robert A. Jan 1, 2016 16380
The impact of revisionist history on pre-service and in-service teacher worldviews. Thompson, Franklin T.; Austin, William P. Report Sep 22, 2011 6349
Nationalism and revisionism in east Asia. Carter, David Essay Jun 1, 2011 3542
Historical narrative and the misrepresentation of wartime labor recruitment in Kenkanryu. Ropers, Erik Apr 1, 2011 4982
Chinese segregation: no Caucasian mummies need apply. Mar 7, 2011 398
Let the historical revisions begin! Nickerson, Michael May 1, 2010 790
Revisiting the revisionists and their critics. Pereira, N.G.O. Essay Mar 22, 2010 6491
Pope Pius XII: hero in the unmaking; the story of the 20th century's most successful character-assassination campaign. Duke, Selwyn Mar 15, 2010 3176
Kissinger's Gulf wars. Jonas, George Essay Jun 22, 2008 2294
Power, utopia, and the manipulation of the historical consciousness: perspectives from Collingwood. Jenson, Michael Essay Mar 22, 2008 12073
Capitalist origins, the advent of modernity, and coherent explanation: a response to Joseph M. Bryant. Goldstone, Jack A. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2008 5957
The closing of the sociological mind? Langlois, Rosaire Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 5395
Defining the Explicanda in the 'West and the Rest' debate: Bryant's critique and its critics. Elvin, Mark Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 7811
A new sociology for a new history? Further critical thoughts on the Eurasian similarity and Great Divergence theses. Bryant, Joseph M. Essay Jan 1, 2008 7686
Stratification without class. DePretto, Jean-Paul Critical essay Mar 22, 2007 6625
"The program for better jobs and income": welfare reform, liberalism, and the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter. Bloodworth, Jeff Sep 22, 2006 8913
The road to condemning Guantanamo: post-World War II Revisionism and the European Zeal to Shut Down Guantanamo. Rosenthal, John Essay Sep 22, 2006 4335
When turks civilized the world: Clive Foss looks at the way in which Kemal Ataturk rewrote history as part of his radical modernization of the Turkish nation. Foss, Clive Aug 1, 2005 4026
Remembering the forgotten war: looking back on the sixtieth anniversary of the surrender of Japan, Rana Mitter finds the political background to the demonstrations in China against Japanese history textbooks are full of complexities. Mitter, Rana Aug 1, 2005 2551
Another little patch of red: John MacKenzie suggests that imperial rule and the possession of empire were an essential component of British identity, life and culture for over 200 years from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries. MacKenzie, John Aug 1, 2005 3534
Nelson: admirable lord: Colin White uncovers a more complex and liberal side to Nelson than was previously appreciated. White, Colin Jul 1, 2005 3652
The politics of counter-memory on the French extreme right. Flood, Christopher Jun 1, 2005 6194
Revisionism revisited: Ian Mortimer takes issue with those who put limits on historians' questionings of the past. Mortimer, Ian Mar 1, 2004 1805
John Howard and the Australian legend: the Prime Minister's political success has been built on the appropriation of myths of nationhood that were once the property of the ALP. The result has been a profound transformation of our political culture. Brett, Judith Jun 1, 2003 4424
The dangers of Arab Holocaust denial. Lewis, Jonathan Eric Apr 1, 2003 1760
Illuminating the struggle for civil rights: to those who ask, what was it like? One Southern state answers: see for yourself. Desantis, John Feb 7, 2003 725
Rewriting Texas texts: Texas conservatives are aiming to revise their state's schoolbooks--and teach a lesson to publishers nationwide. Oko, Dan Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 528
False witness: The Irving-Lipstadt trial and the New Yorker. Alexander, Edward Sep 22, 2001 1478
Hazony's forgotten ally: the Jewish Army Committee. Kirk, H. David Sep 1, 2001 4172
Viewpoints. Rancourt, Linda M. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 305
Revisionism. KINDLEBERGER, CHARLES P. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 570
Impressions of the Irving Trial. Kustow, Michael May 1, 2000 1337
New thoughts about the Renaissance in Venice. Wilkin, Karen Dec 1, 1999 3510
Spilt History. Freund, Charles Paul Dec 1, 1999 3987
Revisionism and the Rav: The Struggle for the Soul of Modern Orthodoxy. KAPLAN, LAWRENCE Jun 22, 1999 11902
Cultural pathology: roots of Polish literary opposition to communism. Tighe, Carl Jun 1, 1999 13533
American Masochists Malign Our Nation. Kreyche, Gerald F. Brief Article Jan 1, 1999 1045
The Holocaust: denial and memory. Bennett, Barry May 1, 1997 2221
French historians and the holocaust. Johnson, Douglas Oct 1, 1996 2077
On revision and revisionism: American Indian representations in New Mexico. Jojola, Theodore S. Jan 1, 1996 3016
Voices, interpretations, and the 'new Indian history': comment on the American Indian Quarterly's special issue on writing about American Indians. Mihesuah, Devon Jan 1, 1996 3404
Wise before the event: the creation of corporate fulfilment. Buckley, Peter J.; Chapman, Malcolm Jan 1, 1996 6944

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