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Liquid History. Haas, Barbara Essay Sep 22, 2020 3052
Public Taste: Bathos Ain't Always Bad. Akenson, Donald Harman Critical essay Jun 22, 2020 7349
Night School: or, The Ancient Art of East European Heavy Breathing. Ban, Zsofia Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 3626
Breaking the Circle Women Writing in Endangered Languages. Wellford, Alison Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 3254
Marx: Biography as Politics. Heinrich, Michael; Hajdini, Simon Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 5000
You'll Never Leave Seeking: Salvation on the Shores of Morocco. Naffis-Sahely, Andre Essay Jan 1, 2019 2717
To Get Me a Servant: Robinson Crusoe as the First Anti-Slavery Novel. Grady, Wayne Critical essay Dec 22, 2018 2452
Autumn 1918 and the Spirit of Pity. Clausen, Christopher Essay Sep 22, 2018 2855
Complicity of Silence. Cohen, Stanley Essay Sep 22, 2018 2055
Johannes R. Becher's "To Europa": A German Expressionist Takes Up Walt Whitman's Broad-Axe. Schoberlein, Stefan Critical essay Jun 22, 2018 4646
Under Grounds. Eades, Quinn Poem May 1, 2018 641
Why She Wrote about Mexico: Katherine Anne Porter and the Literature of Experience. Lawrence, Jeffrey Essay Mar 1, 2018 11138
Historical Violence and Modernist Forms in Zoe Wicomb's David's Story. Giffel, Kaelie Critical essay Mar 1, 2018 10688
"Interested in Big Things, and Happy in Small Ways": Curiosity in Edith Wharton. Evron, Nir Critical essay Mar 1, 2018 8505
Greener Pastures. Mardell, Oscar Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 3390
On Ernesto de Martino's The End of the World and Its Genesis. Ginzburg, Carlo Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 6890
Spivak and Rivera Cusicanqui on the Dilemmas of Representation in Postcolonial and Decolonial Feminisms. Asher, Kiran Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 4922
Claiming the Property of History in Natasha Trethewey's Native Guard. Ford, Sarah Gilbreath Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 9366
Reading Cane in the Anthropocene: Toomer on Race, Power, and Nature. Taylor-Wiseman, Rebekah Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 9912
Dancing in the Sky: 'Billy Bishop Goes to War' and Our Most Famous Canadian War Hero. Lukits, Steve Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 2973
'Being Made into a Machine': An Extract from Eleanor Dark's Unpublished Novel 'Pilgrimage'. Cooper, Melinda J. Critical essay May 1, 2017 4436
Postcolonial Recollections of a Colonial Encounter: Eliade's Bengal Nights and Devi's It Does Not Die. Mitra, Bansari Critical essay May 1, 2017 6003
Native in the Twenty-first Century. Power, Susan Critical essay May 1, 2017 1184
Wartime Sexual Economy as Seen Through a Hungarian Woman's World War II Diary. Kunt, Gergely Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 11212
Bits of Freedom: Demystifying Women's Activism Under State Socialism in Poland And Georgia. Grabowska, Magdalena Essay Mar 22, 2017 11706
Finding a Place in History: the Discursive Legacy of the Wave Metaphor and Contemporary Feminism. Reger, Jo Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 12103
Refracting Blackness: Slavery and Fitzgerald's Historical Consciousness. Gilmore, Garrett Bridger Essay Mar 22, 2017 10749
'Sick interpreters': Criticizing historical adaptations of Cardinal Wolsey in Shakespeare's Henry VIII. Pelt, Nadia Therese Van Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 6420
The Ghost Got It Wrong: Frances E.W. Harper's and Toni Morrison's representations of Margaret Garner, a century A/part. Boyd, Melba Joyce Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 3923
Telling the Truth about History Tim O'Brien's In the Lake of the Woods. Grieve-Carlson, Gary Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 6882
Elizabeth Madox Roberts: Modernist. Nickel, Matthew Critical essay Sep 22, 2016 8197
Do you want to throw yourself into the jaws of death.... you obstinate, ungovernable piece of marble!: Self-Sacrifice as Self-Affirmation in Augusta Jane Evans's Macaria; or, Altars of Sacrifice. Flint, Azelina Critical essay Sep 22, 2016 8815
What Is the Task? Hirsch, Edward (American poet) Essay Sep 1, 2016 3388
Preface. Gardiner, Judith Kegan; Thayer, Millie Editorial Jun 22, 2016 3316
Young Women's Friendships across Three Generations: Insights from Norway. Nielsen, Harriet Bjerrum Essay Jun 22, 2016 11336
Medieval Models of Female Friendship in Christine de Pizan's The Book of the City of Ladies and Margery Kempe's The Book of Margery Kempe. Verini, Alexandra Essay Jun 22, 2016 11315
The Spoils of History. Vigderman, Patricia Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 3858
From The Last Bohemian of Avenue A. Komunyakaa, Yusef Poem May 1, 2016 877
The Advent of Amsterdam: Painting and Prosperity in the Dutch Golden Age. Coutre, Jacquelyn N. Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 3885
"It Aint Arkansas or No Real Place": Authenticity and Textuality in Barry Hannah's Post-South. Chadd, Clare Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 10132
Telling Time: Faulkner's Temporal Turn. Thomas, George Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 9533
Loren Miller: 1938--Trials and Transitions. Gordon, Walter L., III Jan 1, 2016 12681
Lola Ridge and the Literary Soiree. Svoboda, Terese Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 6242
Black Light, Iran, and Galway Kinnell. Hass, Robert Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 6105
Prospects and Living Pictures. Crossley, Robert Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 6843
Use and abuse of "historical experts" in toxic tort cases. Kozak, Scott Jul 1, 2015 2505
The literary war from patriotism to cynicism. Martin, Sandra Critical essay Jun 22, 2015 3258
About That Flag. Hospital, Janette Turner Critical essay May 1, 2015 2156
Women's Liberation: Seeing the Revolution Clearly. Evans, Sara M. Essay Mar 22, 2015 5182
Remembering The Dismembered Continent: Future Echoes of Africa's Oldest Written Documents. Armah, Ayi Kwei Essay Mar 22, 2015 8524
Haitian Literature as a Model for World Literature. Merriam, Michael W. Critical essay Mar 1, 2015 2231
The last campaign of John Brown's Body: West Point and America's forgotten Civil War epic. Buinicki, Martin T.; Owens, David M. Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 10997
Whitewashing WWII sexual memory. Clayton, Daniel M. Essay Jan 1, 2015 11026
"Most distant and most dear": Clausewitzian conflicts in Kipling's Barrack-Room Ballads. Denton, Rance D. Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 7449
"I can soljer with any man": the post 9-11 renaissance of James Jones. Dunbar, Laura Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 6371
History with a human face creative nonfiction and the oral histories of the Vietnam War. Griffin, Ross Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 14348
Responding to the effect of the Holocaust in the present: a comparison of narrative strategies in Time's Arrow, A Blessing on the Moon and The Reader. Jorgensen, Nina H.B. Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 3802
The Spanish-American war as a bourgeois testing ground: Richard Harding Davis, Frank Norris and Stephen Crane. Kramer, David Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 12917
The home front waste land: Williams, Zukofsky, and epistemology after Eliot. Kritikos, Dean Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 8915
"Not flowers for poets' tearful foolings": first World War poetry, flowers and the pastoral failure. Montin, Sarah Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 6050
Burned bones deserve no repose: Patrick Hicks's The Commandant of Lubizec. Purio, Sean Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 6408
Henry James's civil war stories: the homefront experience and war romance. Zenari, Vivian Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 19845
Home Is Where the History Is: Life in a Small Town Famous for its Big Past. Gibson, Brian (Canadian educator) Essay Sep 22, 2014 3140
The right to remedy by due course of law - a historical exploration and an appeal for reconsideration. DeBoer, Michael J. Sep 22, 2014 4773
The right to remedy by due course of law - a historical exploration and an appeal for reconsideration. DeBoer, Michael J. Sep 22, 2014 23008
Historical criticism among Southern Baptists: a comparison of Clyde Francisco, Ralph Elliott, and G. Henton Davies. Werse, Nicholas R. Brief article Sep 22, 2014 5358
A Very Fine View of Canada. Simpson, Jeffrey Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 3590
Open carry for all: Heller and our nineteenth century Second Amendment. Meltzer, Jonathan Author abstract Mar 1, 2014 19059
Acadia, Acadia! Grady, Wayne Critical essay Dec 22, 2013 3376
Judging Eichmann: History, Judgment, and Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem. Brandfon, Fred Critical essay Sep 1, 2013 5578
From Allada and Experience of Edward Lee, Versailles, 2009/ Allada (1993) and Experience d'Edward Lee, Versailles. Gavarry, Gerard; Rogers, Katina Excerpt Jun 22, 2013 5862
Accumulating Capital. Herrmann, Anne Essay Jun 22, 2013 4384
The History of Lesbian History. Vicinus, Martha Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 13118
Feminist Frequencies: Regenerating the Wave Metaphor. Hewitt, Nancy A. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 9495
"What's in a Name?" On Writing the History of Feminism. Moses, Claire Goldberg Essay Sep 22, 2012 9902
One with Others by C. D. Wright: a critical review. Brandfon, Fred Critical essay Sep 1, 2012 3638
In the Beautiful, Violent Swirl of America: Simon Ortiz's From Sand Creek, Thirty Years Later. Gibbs, Jules Critical essay Jul 1, 2012 4756
The Public Life of a Woman of Wit and Quality: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the Vogue for Smallpox Inoculation. Barnes, Diana Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 12698
Burmese Poetry: Tectonic Shifts. Byrne, James (British educator) Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 1654
New World A-Coming: African American Documentary Intertexts of the Federal Writers' Project. Butts, J.J. Critical essay Dec 22, 2011 13110
Haunted by Citizenship: Whitenormative Citizen-Subjects and the Uses of History in Women's Studies. Brandzel, Amy L. Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 12348
A Longitudinal Study of Learning to Teach History as Interpretation. Martell, Christopher C. Author abstract Apr 8, 2011 200
Mary Turner's Blues. Armstrong, Julie Buckner Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 10734
"Loyalty gleaming, guns screaming": William T. Vollmann's Europe Central and the Memory of Stalingrad. Schwieger, Florian Jan 1, 2010 10829
Ways of war: reading Frank Harvey's Vietnam experiences for emotional truth in a digital age. Collins, Jeff Jan 1, 2010 3364
Costumed interpretation: what we are is because of what we were. Luzader, John C.F. Nov 1, 2009 2310
Serenity, acceptance, courage, and wisdom. (Commentary). Speller, Mike Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2009 1326
Networking with visitors. Bailey, Heidi Nov 1, 2009 1678
Sharing the ignorance. Leftridge, Alan Nov 1, 2009 793
Interpreting America's best idea. Covel, Jim Nov 1, 2009 566
Battle on the Plains of Abraham cancelled. Blair, Louisa Jun 22, 2009 3456
Architecture and visual literacy: reading the Indian colonial built environment. Johnson, David A.; Gilbertson, Nicole F. Report Mar 22, 2009 3447
Historiography as pedagogy: thoughts about the messy past and why we shouldn't clean it up. Wrobel, David M. Mar 22, 2008 4800
The politics of ambivalence: romance, history, and gender in Mary W. Shelley's Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck. Garrett, Erin L. Webster Sep 22, 2007 7398
Autobiography, activism, and the carceral: an analysis of the prison writing of Lady Constance Lytton. Tilghman, Carolyn M. Sep 22, 2007 9079
A sociohistorical reading of Thomas Heywood's The Fair Maid of the West/Thomas Heywood'un The Fair Maid of the West adli eserine sosyo-tarihsel bir bakis. Kaya, Sebnem Mar 22, 2007 6967
Depolarizing the past: the role of historical commissions in conflict mediation and reconciliation. Karn, Alexander M. Sep 22, 2006 9289
Introduction: Cornelia and her maternal legacy. Hallett, Judith P. Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 12960
Fulvia, mother of Iullus Antonius: new approaches to the sources on Julia's adultery at Rome. Hallett, Judith P. Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 7366
A note on the genesis and character of Srivara's so-called "Jaina-Rajatarangini". Slaje, Walter Jul 1, 2005 6056
Qumran archaeology. Eshel, H. Jul 1, 2005 3697
Gulliver, Gulliveriana, and the problem of Swiftian satire. Marshall, Ashley Mar 22, 2005 11808
Translating toward eternity: Dryden's final aspiration. Pino, Melissa Jan 1, 2005 11469
Taking care: a slightly Levinasian reading of Dombey and Son. New, Melvyn Jan 1, 2005 13247
Historical reviews: Patrick O'Brien reviews history reviewers, finds them wanting and recommends reform. (Today's History). O'Brien, Patrick Feb 1, 2003 1954
Asian Journal of Women's Studies: Recounting "History": Documentary as Women's Cinema. So-Young, Nam Brief article Sep 22, 2002 193
Playhouses make strange bedfellows: the case of Aaron and Martin. Ingram, William A. Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 4213
History and imagination: writing "The Winds". Kreyling, Michael Critical essay Sep 22, 1997 5982

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