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Historic Black Landmarks: A Traveler's Guide.

One of the wonderful things a bout Historic Black Landmarks., A Traveler's Guide by George Cantor is that it is fun to browse through as well as to use as a travel guide. Another delightful aspect is that it proves again that African-American achievement in this country is diverse and unpredictable.

Many of us know about the National Civil Rights Memorial in Memphis or statues honoring Crispus Attucks in Boston. But were you aware of this: There is a Black American West Museum and Heritage Center in Denver; three blacks have their names inscribed among those of original settlers of Utah; and what may be the second-oldest black church structure in America was erected on the island of Nantucket Mass., in 1830 by black sailors?

The book is conveniently divided into five sections: the Midwest, the South Central states, the Southeast and the West. The fifth region is Ontario, Canada, which was the terminus of the underground railroad.

--Frank McCoy Historic Black Landmarks., A Traveler's Guide by George Cantor Visible Ink Press, Detroit Mich., 1991,372pp, $17.95
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Author:McCoy, Frank
Publication:Black Enterprise
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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