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His table saw rolls like a garden cart.

His table saw rolls like a garden cart

Limited workspace in his undersize shopforces homeowner Carl Mortensen to take his table saw with attached router outdoors to use it. To make the move easier on his back, he added a few things to the heavy piece of machinery. The result is a formerly stationary tool that rolls like a garden cart.

The saw travels on 10-inch-diameter solidrubber wheels that lift its front legs 1/2 inch off the ground. The wheels pivot around a 1/2-inch steel rod that's secured to a length of steel channel bolted to the saw's legs.

To keep the work surface level, Mr. Mortensenuses the screw-out adjustable-height feet on the back legs.

To help him lift the saw's back end, headded two handles shaped from 20-inch pieces of 1-by-4. He attached them by first bolting a heavy-duty drawer glide with an 8-inch extension to each side of the saw's metal housing, then he screwed a handle to each glide. When not in use, handles slide out of the way along the housing.

To make the saw's tabletop useful as ashaper, Mr. Mortensen bolted a router underneath one of the side extensions. The bit rises through a 1 1/2-inch-diameter hole cut in the metal tabletop and through a piece of 1/8-inch tempered hardboard installed to bring a depression in the extension level with the saw's top. For safety and easy access, the router plugs into the saw's switched power source.

Photo: Rolling table saw turns driveway into atemporary shop. Wheels added to saw's front legs and pull-out handles mounted on housing make the tool easier to move. Router attached to underside of top shows at left

Photo: Homemade fence made of a 2-by-4 laid flat andflanked by 1-by-4s on edge lets router serve as a shaper. Router bit rising through hole drilled in table extension aligns with notch in wooden fence, which is bolted to metal fence
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Date:Feb 1, 1987
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