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His bright new bedroom used to be the garage.

His bright new bedroom used to be the garage You can teach an old room new functions. That's what Shawn and David Klein decided when the imminent arrival of a second child made them look for room for their four-year-old. They asked San Francisco architect Craig Hudson to convert their old garage (an existing carport made it seem redundant anyway).

Hudson divided the 12- by 20-foot garage into three spaces: bedroom, bathroom/laudry area, and a hall linking both rooms to an existing family room at the back of the house. To bring in as much daylight as possible, Hudson designed a steel-sash window and door bay to fit over the old garage-door opening. A built-in window seat lifts for toy storage. New gypsum board walls, extra insulation, built-in bookshelves, and wall-to-wall carpet completed the transformation indoors. Outside, Hudson leveled the driveway and treated it as an entrance patio and play area by paving it in the brick and wrapping two sides of it with a low brick wall. The Klein's renovation cost approximately $35,000 in 1988.
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Date:Feb 1, 1990
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