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His BFF is a babe: your BF's buddy is cute, smart and rocks a pair of jeans. Thing is, his No. 1 pal is a gal. How to deal when a girl is your boy's best friend ...

You snagged the perfect guy--he has a Sean Faris face, he's mellow like Frankie Muniz, and he's packin' the pecs of Michael Phelps. Best of all? He's way into you. But when he's not with you, he's spending time with his best friend--another girl. Grrrrrrr.

Seeing green

She calls his cell when you two are at dinner. They jam Halo 2 on weekends. He even takes her to ballgames with him and his dad. You feel like she's the GF and you're an outsider. Are they really just buds, or is something else going on?

It's normal to feel jealous, but don't lose your cool. Whether your guy and his gal pal have been friends since first grade or their friendship is spankin' new, know that you can't pick your boy's buds.

One of the girls

If your BF has sisters or is super-close to his morn, it makes sense that he feels comfortable having girls as friends. And, believe it or not, this can be a good thing. Chances are, he's a great listener, understands girls on an emotional level and gets spot-on advice from her when it comes to how to treat you right.

The more the merrier

Remember that this is not a contest. Include her in conversations, and be genuinely interested in what she says. Showing respect is way more becoming than being all catty like you're on The Bachelor. The more confident you are with yourself, the more secure you'll feel in the relationship. And your guy will find your self-assuredness way attractive.

Three's company

Hang out together. Invite her to go to the mall with you and your cutie. It might put your mind at ease to see that the two of them interact in a friendly--not flirty--way. Their vibe is probably more brother-and-sister. And, as always, mind your manners. No one needs to be a witness to PDA overload. She knows he's yours.

Gettin' to know her

Getting to know her is getting to trust her, so plan some girl time. If she likes you, she'll give your boyfriend the thumbs-up when he asks her opinion of you. You might find that you two have tons in common. Plus, she might even spill juicy tidbits about your BF--like the time he biffed it on his bike or how he accidentally swallowed a bug while running the 100-meter in EE.

Spill it

If you still feel uneasy about the attention your BF gives his BFF, tell him what's bugging you. Keeping feelings under wraps can make you angry, resentful and in-a-funk--which makes you, urn, no fun to be around. Compromise: Ask him to screen her calls if you two are out grabbing a bite. Let him know you'd like just-the-two-of-you time. If he's a great guy, he'll respect your concerns. That is, as long as you don't expect him to drop her as a friend. You'd never ditch your BFF if he asked, right?


After your mature approach, you feel pretty sure they've had the hots for each other all along and you're just a pit stop on their road to true love? Yuck. If their friendship includes a lot of flirting and affection, it'd be wise of you to step out of the love scene before you get stung. Hey, there are plenty of dudes in the world ... who have hot guy friends.
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Author:Lundsten, Apryl
Publication:Girls' Life
Date:Jun 1, 2005
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