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Hiring the right people: a key to growth.

Hiring The Right People A Key To Growth

Burnett Personnel Services, which handles temporary and permanent personnel placement, opened nine months ago as a franchise.

Rapid growth brought problems as well as opportunity.

Growth is fascinating to watch. There is real excitement in watching a company's "score" go from zero to one, two ...

The momentum and special clients make the hard work worthwhile.

But for every good experience, there are pitfalls. Risk is always on your mind. When you create a business, you are vulnerable. However, calculated risk is the passport to achievements beyond expectations.

The hiring process for core employees is critical. There is no margin for error. As a company grows, this will be one of the toughest challenges.

If you hire well and remember people are your most valuable asset, you will have a fighting chance at being a success.

Things often go awry because too many decisions are having to be made at one time by one person. You will be stretched. Remember to ask for advice and help.

Remain focused.

Revise and adapt your business plan each day, each minute if that's what it takes.

What the market bears today may not be what the market sees as important the next day. Move and sell with the market and what the market bears.

A new business constantly tests your priorities. Remember to include both business and personal time. Otherwise, promoting your company can become laborious.

A business start-up is filled with learning experiences that one can build on. You start with an idea or something you've been successful doing in the past and then formulate a business plan.

The business plan leads you to research every aspect of the new business. The research will pay off as the company begins to grow.

A start-up gives each person a chance to sell as they have never sold before. It is a pleasure to solve each client's problem. Because you are new, you know the client had other choices in choosing a service.

One of our attitudes is "we all sell."

It's important that all new businesses remember that everybody sells.

PHOTO : Linda Carson Reaves Franchise Owner Burnett Personnel Services Little Rock
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Date:Aug 26, 1991
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