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Hip pocket handguns.



Clint Smith will probably want to give me a knock on my noggin for this column, but having a hard head, I'll proceed anyway. For a variety of reasons too involved to discuss here, I've not worn a belt for a couple of years. That means--no belt no belt holster. The most comfortable manner of packing a handgun I've ever experienced was with one of the Milt Sparks Summer Special inside the pants holsters. With that arrangement I've carried full size 191 l s all day without a problem. The belt binds the gun against the body, which in turn keeps its weight from pulling downwards. But like I said-no belt no belt holster. Also for the very reason I'm built very broad I find shoulder holsters most uncomfortable. Also here in Montana for most of the year you need to wear a winter coat, which of course inhibits access to a shoulder holster anyway.

So nowadays, when I want to exercise my concealed carry right my hip pocket is my holster. That means carrying a full size 1911 is out. Actually it means carrying a full size anything is out. In movies the hero is always shown just slipping a 1911 in the small of his back inside the waist of his jeans or trousers. My jeans are hard enough to keep up anyway so I'm not going to stress them more with the weight of a full-size 1911 pressing down back there. And for the same reasons mentioned above I'm not going to discuss, I don't wear suspenders anymore either. Nor do I wear button up shirts tucked into trousers or jeans: instead favoring pull over shirts and sweaters. Get them long enough and they'll cover a hip pocket handgun.

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Author:Venturino, Mike "Duke"
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Jan 1, 2011
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