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Hip, hip, but no hooray: fat can sneak up on its victims in a number of subtle ways - and places.

You know you've gained weight if:

* The steering wheel seems closer to you than it used to.

* Extra Large is a little small. * The buckle mark on your belt has moved several holes closer to the end.

* You hardly ever wear a suit you used to like because it doesn't seem as comfortable anymore.

* You wear a solid color, usually dark blue, if you're going anyplace important.

* When you buy anything with stripes, the stripes go up and down, not around.

* Your toes seem to hit the front of your shoes more than they used to.

* It doesn't seem to matter if you have one more dish of ice cream today as long as you're going to start losing weight tomorrow.

* You'd just as soon not have your picture taken. You aren't interested in looking at old ones of yourself, either.

* The aisles in the supermarket are narrower than they used to be.

* You don't weigh yourself every morning anymore.

* It seems as though they don't sew buttons on as well as they used to.

* You're wearing your hair longer to make your face look thinner.

* Thin people make you sick.

* You really shouldn't have another . . . but you always do.

* The mattress needs turning more often.

* You fold your arms or hold something like a newspaper on your lap when you're seated, talking to someone, so they won't notice your stomach.

* You wait for the next elevator instead of squeezing on one that's full.

* You're nervous about putting something new in the washing machine for fear it will shrink.

* Airline seats are a lot smaller than they used to be.

* They don't seem to be putting as good glass in mirrors as they used to.

* You meet people you never liked from your class in high school and they say, "Gosh, I never would have recognized you!"

* You have to turn sideways to walk between two cars in the parking lot at the mall.

* You never wear a sweater tucked into your pants anymore.

* The bus seems more crowded.

* When you're eating and something falls off your fork, it no longer lands on the floor because it hits your tie on the way down.

* Your best friend stops and looks at you one day and says, "Boy. Are you fat!" A
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Author:Rooney, Andy
Publication:Saturday Evening Post
Date:Apr 1, 1988
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