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Hindu community celebrates Navaratri festival.

HYDERABAD -- The Hindu community in Hyderabad celebrated 'Nava Ratri' - a religious festival of nine nights- in Hyderabad and other parts of Sindh with enthusiasm.

Navratri celebrations concluded here Thursday after breaking fast of 24-hours during which Bhajans (religious songs) were played in Grupat Mandir,Shiv Mandir And Kali Mata Mandir while people also performed pooja at homes.

Talking to Media Hindu Pandit 'Jeevat Raj Maharaj' informed that word Navaratri means 'nine nights' in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights nine forms(avatars) of Durga Devi are worshiped . The tenth day is commonly referred to as 'Dussehra', he added.

Members of the Hindu community of Hyderabad lit up oil lamps outside temples, their homes and shops after which pooja ceremonies were held at the temples. Bhajans were sung and prayer were made for the integrity, security and prosperity of Pakistan as well.

The Pandit said that there is a large population of Hindus living in Sindh where they were free to follow their religion and celebrate their religious rituals.

The Deities are emblazoned with flowers and devotees or priests continue to worship the deity without even changing the flowers on them. At the end of the festive night the flowers are distributed as Prasad for the devotees.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9INDI
Date:Oct 19, 2018
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