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Himont and Yukong Limited.

Himont and Yukong Limited

Himont and Yukong Limited formed Yukong Himont Limited, a 50-50 joint venture to produce and market propylene polymer advanced materials compounds. A 10,000 metric ton per year production facility utilizing technology licensed from Himont will be constructed, with completion expected by the third quarter. The new facility will be supported by Yukong's polyolefin technical center at Inchon, South Korea, and Himont's technical center in Hong Kong. During the construction phase, Himont will provide PPAM products to the joint venture for market development activities. When the facility comes on stream, Yukong Ltd., a licensee of Himont's Spheripol process technology, will provide normal grades of polypropylene resins, and Himont will provide additional specialty grades to the joint venture.
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Title Annotation:Contracts, Licenses; joint venture, Yukong Himont Limited
Publication:Rubber World
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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