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Him And Her, BBC3, Monday.

Byline: Paul English

I THOUGHT Phil Mitchell's snot was the mankiest thing on telly this week until I saw this. It might say something about the state of the country, where twentysomethings are better off in bed with benefi ts. And there mig ht even be the odd funny line, convincingly delivered by Russell Tovey or Sarah Solemani in their minging bedsit and their sweaty pants. The Young Ones did layabout squalour 25 years before BBC3 came into being. Difference being, it was roll-around funny. But with girls on the loo, hair on the toast and unfl ushed poos in the privy, this was too much even for me.


PRESENTERS: Chiles and Bleakley
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Title Annotation:News; Opinion, Columns
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 9, 2010
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