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Hillary: the sensible choice for 2016.

There are very few words strong enough to capture the overall essence of the current election season. Many would say it's been "unpredictable," but it can all be sufficed in some way as a mixed bag of attacks, childlike bickering, conspiracy theories and--most importantly of all --two completely different ideologies for what America should be like four to eight years from now.

Perhaps this time more than ever, voters find themselves in a position of polarization and confusion; some of the most common similes used since the Presidential primaries effectively ended the voter having to choose which way they want to die. The reality, however, is that there are two very distinct choices being presented to the public: hatred or acceptance.

It is not hard to imagine that the latter choice is not only the most compassionate--it is the most sensible.

The person who the Republican party has selected to be their standard bearer in November is not only inconceivably incompetent in regards to foreign policy, basic economics and social issues--he is a divisive demagogue whose rhetoric consists of dishonesty, bigotry and fear-mongering.

There is a distinct lack of eloquence or intelligence to the words Donald Trump speaks. Perhaps the most important part, however, is the complacency of so many to simply sit out the election--therefore opening his pathway to the Oval Office --rather than seeing that the greater good sometimes isn't glossed over in perfection.

When then-Senator Obama ran in 2008, his path to the nomination--and subsequently, the presidency--seemed to be a bit of a long-shot. During a very dark time in our nation's history, he shined as a beacon of hope, promising to right the economic and social wrongs of the outgoing administration. Now, eight years later, his onetime opponent is up to the task of continuing that progress. Her name is Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, for all her decades in public service, is no stranger to controversy. If there were ever a candidate to be put so vigorously through the process of vetting a potential commander-in-chief, she would appear as a prime example. While it is true that the former Secretary of State has made mistakes in the past, it is also true that what we can expect out of a Hillary Clinton presidency is true steady and ambitious leadership.

Beyond the so-called "scandals" and talk of e-mails, something very simple often gets overlooked when it comes to Clinton's candidacy: her policies. Her approach to equal pay for equal work, furthering LGBT rights, creating jobs through infrastructure and clean energy, women's reproductive rights, investing in education from preschool to college and vocational programs and more read as any progressive's dream list.

The fact of the matter is: while the GOP has nominated a candidate with no experience in politics, the democrats have nominated someone with such steep political experience that becoming President is the logical next step.

Many criticize Clinton for not coming off as the warm, shoulder-to-lean-on candidate that many hope for in their idealism. Despite her sometimes stern or awkward persona, a thicker layer of personality exists: one that--despite years of scars from political back-and-forth --provides the toughness, resolve and knowledge of policy inside and out that are required for our union to continue on its path to success.

The values that Trump has put at the top of his agenda promote nothing more than exclusiveness, bad economic policies and an approach to politics that is drenched in fear and intentional misinformation. While Trump supports building a wall, setting up a "deportation force" and banning people from our country due to religion, Clinton offers a path to citizenship for those who want to be American, true freedom of religion and providing both natural-born citizens and immigrants with the chance to develop critical job and life skills.

This election is one that simply cannot be "sat out" or ignored. Arguments can be made for third parties--this is true. However, when the one true alternative to an experienced, intelligent candidate is one who has the temperament and policy knowledge of a child in elementary school--along with an archaic view on who America should be "great again" for (see: straight, male, rich and white) --the decision should be clear: Hillary Clinton should be the next President of the United States.
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Title Annotation:OP/ED
Author:Reichle, Trevor
Publication:Liberty Press
Date:Sep 1, 2016
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