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Hill, David Time Out.

ISBN 0-8126-2899-3. Chicago: Cricket Books, 2001. 117 pp. $15.95. Kit loves running. It helps him find an escape from the things that are wrong in his life--his parents' separation and the fact that he is not accepted at school. One day as he is running, he sees a strange black cloud. Then he must dive into a ditch to avoid being hit by a speeding pickup truck. When he comes to, Kit finds himself in what appears to be a parallel universe, one where he is accepted by his peers and admired for his running ability. As Kit and his new teammates prepare for an important track meet, Kit is tormented with confusion about what is real. This story combines real-life teen problems with a compelling science fiction plot. Ages 10 up. Reviewed by Marcia Nash, University Maine at Farmington, ME
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Author:Nash, Marcia
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Aug 6, 2002
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