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Hill's Self-Extracting Revolver.

Q: I would like to ask your help on the date of manufacture of a revolver I purchased back in 1970 at an auction sale. It is chambered for .38 short Colt and is called "Hill's patent Self- extractor." It is nickel-plated and has a six-inch barrel. It is a top-break design that has two hinges. Cartridges are extracted from all chambers when the action is fully opened. Can you tell me who made it and when, its possible value and where I can get dies to reload .38 Short Colt ammunition?

A: Your revolver was made by WJ. Hill of Birmingham, England, around 1880, although there is some question if he actually designed the method of extraction. The only value that I have been able to find is for a .32-caliber model that has a folding trigger and a 3.75-inch barrel, which is $500 for a specimen in excellent condition. As your caliber is .38, it might fetch a bit more. I would be hesitant to shoot the revolver, but if you must, RCBS, Dept GAH, 605 Oro Dam Blvd., Oroville, CA 95965 will make dies for you on special order.

D Guimin, Airdtiie, Alberta, Canada

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Author:Arnold, Dave
Date:Oct 1, 1999
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