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Hiking with Grizzlies.

Hiking With Grizzlies

Tim Rubbert

Riverbend Publishing

PO Box 5833, Helena, MT 59604

1931832692 $10.95 1-866-787-2363

Every year stories about bears attacking hikers and campers hits the news headlines. Hiking With Grizzlies: Lessons Learned gives outdoors enthusiasts critically important information on how to react when meeting a bear. Author and wildlife expert Tim Rubbert's trail-tested techniques draw upon his own extensive personal experience when in the last eight years alone, hiking more than 10,000 miles, he has experienced more than 800 sightings of grizzly bears. Rubbert covers what makes some bears charge while others retreat, the best way to avoid confrontations altogether, the use of bear spray, cover making noise, remaining calm, staying together, retreating, encountering surprised bears, habituated bears, bears with cubs, and bears on carcasses. If you are planning to hike through the wilderness, give Tim Rubbert's Hiking With Grizzlies a careful reading--it could very well save your life. Also very highly recommended reading from Riverbend Publishing is Bob Murphy's Bears I Have Known: A Park Ranger's True Tales From Yellowstone And Glacier National Parks (193183-2641, $10.95)
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Title Annotation:Hiking with Grizzlies: Lessons Learned
Publication:Internet Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Aug 1, 2006
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