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Highs and lows ... of two (and more) wheels; Bike it ...NATIONAL BIKE WEEK.

Byline: By Kathleen West

BICYCLE, bike or cycle, whatever you call them, they have come along way since being invented in the 19th century.

From penny farthings to tandems to BMXs - bikes have been created in a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes. They are used to get to work or school, doing stunts, racing or leisurely rides.

These pictures from the Coventry Telegraph cover a little bit of the history of the bicycle.


SAM BROWN, Coventry racing cyclist, rides on top of his 16ft Eiffel tower stunt cycle. He pedalled and steered while the second rider helped with the pedalling and was in charge of the brakes. Sam rode it at Coventry carnivals and carried a net to collect money from spectators at their windows. It comes from the turn of the 20th century although the exact date is not known.; BRIAN WHITE (left) and Rob Gallacher restore a velocipede at Coventry Industrial Museum in April 1978. The bike has wooden wheels and a coach-painted frame.; YOUNGSTERS found the Cathedral Ruins the perfect place to ride their Chopper bikes in April 1971. Not surprisingly Cathedral authorities frowned upon the activity and told them the superintendent would be keeping "a special eye open".; IN February 1973, Frank Clarke (above) was polishing up this velocipede - a sort of mini penny-farthing - that he found while clearing out his cellar. He thought it belonged to his grandfather.; THE photo (right) taken in October 1974 shows a Telegraph reporter on the back of a bicycle made for two. At the helm is the designer, Tom Bromwich, who created the lower saddle at the back "with girls and young cyclists in mind".; ONE of three remaining lever tricycles built in Coventry around 130 years ago returned to Coventry in October 1980. It was ridden by Roger Street (right) who, with David Benn (left), Sharon Brenton and Paul Moxey, took part in a charity vintage cycle ride.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jun 21, 2007
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