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Highlights: the week ahead.

DRAMA: Stan The Man, Monday, ITV, 9.00pm

DEAKIN (George Costigan) attends his father's funeral with Tibbsy (Andrew Schofield) and, bitter at the lack of affection he got from him, vows to rid himself of everything that belonged to his father.

This includes the shop that is Julie (Gaynor Faye) and Stan's (John Thomson) hairdressing salon.

Meanwhile, Stan, Pat (Joan Kempson) and Depp (Joe Absolom) visit Stan's aging relatives - Stafford (Eric Sykes) and Marie (Helene Palmer).

They are having a party to celebrate their golden wedding despite the fact that Stafford sits silently in a vegetative state. Marie is waiting anxiously on Stafford's compensation money for being a Japanese prisoner of war. She has big plans for the kitchen.

During the party, Stan and Depp take Stafford for a walk and discover he isn't senile.

Worn out by years of arguing and nagging, he cooked up a scheme with a friend to take him to non- existent hospital appointments - giving them a chance to skip off to the coast or play a round of golf.

DOCUMENTARY: The Man Who Killed Suzy Lamplugh? Tuesday, Five, 8.00pm

IT WAS 16 years ago when 25-year-old estate agent Suzy Lamplugh went missing after making an appointment with the oddly named Mr Kipper.

Despite the Metropolitan Police's largest-ever publicity drive, and four separate investigations, Suzy's fate and her likely killer were never discovered.

As this documentary demonstrates, many senior police officers now believe they know his identity - convicted armed robber, rapist and murderer John Cannan, currently serving three life sentences.

Suzy disappeared from her office on July 28, 1986, after attending a lunchtime appointment at a house in Fulham.

The attractive and "enormously charismatic" young woman had a steady boyfriend, a close and loving family, and no reason to disappear.

In the days that followed, police checked Suzy's recent appointments, and all were shown to be genuine - apart from that with the mysterious and untraceable Mr Kipper.

Appeals on BBC1's Crimewatch and through national newspapers drew a huge response but no useful information apart from that unearthed earlier - sightings of a young woman in a car matching Suzy's, arguing with a smartly dressed man and driving erratically as if they were struggling.

At the time of the attack, Cannan had just been released from jail after serving five years for the vicious rape of a pregnant woman. This outwardly charming man was in fact a vicious sexual predator.

In the late-'70s, more than 20 women were assaulted, and three violently raped, in Cannan's West Midlands stamping ground by a man who became known as the House For Sale Rapist.

COMEDY : I'm Alan Partridge, Monday, BBC2, 10.00pm

ALAN (Steve Coogan) is determined nothing will spoil his plan to have a bank holiday Bondathon as he prepares to watch every James Bond film ever made with his pal Michael (Simon Greenall).

He and Sonja (Amelia Bullmore) are working out the carefully scheduled catering arrangements and it seems they are all set for a perfect weekend, until Alan discovers he is not the only visitor to Michael's garage.

When Yank-obsessed Tex (Peter Serafinowitz) rolls up in his huge truck with plans to take Michael off to the American Truckfest at the County Showground, Alan decides it's time to find a new friend.

The sad, ageing DJ has returned to the BBC following a five-year break.

The last we heard from Alan he was having nightmares about lap-dancing for a BBC executive in a vain attempt to get another TV series of Knowing Me, Knowing You.

HISTORY: Moses Sunday, BBC1, 8.00pm

LAW-GIVER, liberator and spiritual leader Moses is one of a small number of figures who has transformed the course of human history.

A hugely influential prophet in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, he outlined a basis for morality which has lasted over 3000 years and been embraced by more than two-thirds of the world's population.

In Moses, the latest scientific evidence is combined with state-of-the-art computer graphics and dramatic reconstruction to reveal the sensational truths that lie at the very heart of his story.

Presented by Jeremy Bowen, Moses looks beyond the narrow confines of Biblical studies to find evidence for his extraordinary life story.

Research from other fields such as climatology and oceanography offer some startling insights into the natural phenomena that could have inspired tales such as the parting of the Red Sea and the 10 plagues.

The team behind the award-winning Son Of God uses the latest research to rebuild Moses's world and explore the legacy of his remarkable life.
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