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Burroughs Wellcome Fund awarded $170,000 for continuing support of the Molecular Mycology course.

The Ellison Medical Foundation awarded $282,670 for continuing support of the Molecular Biology of Aging Colloquium for the period 2002 through 2004.

The Grass Foundation awarded $226,500 in renewed funding for the Neurobiology and Neural Systems and Behavior courses.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded two grants totaling $1,350,000: $850,000 to support research on nitrogen transformation in terrestrial landscapes conducted by The Ecosystems Center and $500,000 to launch the Universal Biological Indexer and Organizer (uBio), a database and internet tool to provide up-to-date biological information.

Mr. Robert Shifman made an additional gift of $564,502 to support the Milton L. Shifman Endowed Scholarship. Mr. Shifman was a member of the Council of Visitors.

G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation provided $150,000 for the Josephine Bay Paul Center in Comparative Molecular Biology and Evolution; $100,000 in support of the program to develop marine models for biomedical research; and $100,000 to underwrite veterinary services in the Marine Resources Center.

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Date:Aug 1, 2003
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