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Highlights of budget 1993-94.

The Budget 1993-94 has following salient features:-

* The total outlay of Budget 1993-94 is Rs. 332519.9 million. This size is 9.0% higher than the Revised Estimates of Rs. 305063.6 million for the year 1992-93.

* The Resource availability during 1993-94 has been estimated at Rs. 298010.5 million as compared to Rs. 259867.7 million in 1992-93 Revised Estimates.

* Revenue Receipts for 1993-94 have been estimated at Rs. 195136.5 million which indicate an increase of 5.6% over the Revised Estimates for 1992-93.

* The net Capital Receipts for 1993-94 estimated at Rs. 39873.5 million are nearly 115.70% higher than Revised Estimates for 1992-93.

* The receipt from External Resources in 1993-94 are estimated at Rs. 60000.5 million. This shows an increase of 9.1% over the Revised Estimates for 1992-93 of Rs. 55015.6 million.

* The overall expenditure during 1993-94 has been estimated at Rs. 332519.9 million of which the Current Expenditure is Rs. 257762.0 million and PSDP expenditure of Rs. 74757.9 million.

* The share of current expenditure in the total budgetary outlay for 1993-94 is 77.5%.

* The Defence Expenditure in 1993-94 estimated at Rs. 89103.2 million indicates an increase of 1.9% over the revised estimates for 1992-93. The share of Defence in total current expenditure is 34.6%.

* The expenditure on Running of the Civil Government is estimated at Rs. 29826.5 million in 1993-94 as compared to Rs. 28174.7 million in 1992-93 Revised Estimates indicating an increase of 5.9%.

* The Provinces will receive Rs. 71901.0 million during 1993-94 from the Divisible pool of Federal Taxes. This amount is higher by Rs. 6813.5 million or 10.5% as compared to 1992-93 Revised Estimates.

* The Public Sector Development Programme for 1993-94 of Rs. 74757.9 million shows an increase of 7.0% over Revised PSDP 1992-93 of Rs. 69896.8 million.

* For the financial year 1993-94, there is an estimated Gap of Rs. 34509.4 million between Resources and Expenditure as compared to a gap of Rs. 45195.9 million in the Revised Estimates for 1992-93 indicating a decrease of 23.6%.
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Title Annotation:Special Section: Budget 1993-94; Pakistan
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Jun 1, 1993
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