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Highlights from New England. (Chapter News).

The New England Chapter kicked off the 2001-2002 year with an exciting program loaded with innovative ideas and sessions.

The Federal Committee hosted the September meeting. Al Cappelloni, partner in charge of Andersen LLP's Northeas tax practice joined Jim Cavallo, Tax Partner, and Tony Cabeca, Tax Manager from Andersen LLP's Boston Office. They led a very lively discussion of hot topics and developments in federal tax.

The International Committee hosted the October meeting. Members from the International Tax Services Group of Deloitte & Touche offered discussions on captive insurance companies, investment companies, offshore e-commerce Internet companies, corporate migrations, comparison of domiciles, duel consolidated losses, extraterritorial income exclusion planning, subpart F and foreign tax credit developments, and e-commerce and internet transaction tax planning for hybrid entities.

October also brought TEI's Annual Conference to Boston. The New England Chapter hosted a hospitality suite and hospitality table. More than 30 New England Chapter members thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the conference registrants at the cocktail reception and hospitality suite. At the hospitality table, we distributed bags of products from Chapter companies. The New England Chapter thanks all of its members whose companies donated items to make these bags such a hit. Congratulations to James Sellner from the Iowa Chapter, who won the PROQUIP weatherwear outfit; William Berry of the Rochester Chapter, who won the leather TEI monogramed brief case at the hospitality table business card drawing; and the rest of the drawing winners.

The November meeting was hosted by the Corporate Tax Management Committee and the meeting topic was "Strategic Work Groups: A Solution to the Demand of Accomplishing More with Fewer Resources." Samuel R. James, Ed.D., of James & Associates, is a group psychologist who has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses for more than 25 years. He put together a session that presents four elements of strategic work groups in detail.

Since the seminar was non-technical in nature and dealt with organization demands and work processes, the Chapter invited members to bring other colleagues from their companies.

In December the Chapter will host a basic International tax session for those who are new to this area or need a refresher course. The Chapter is very fortunate to have Kathi Mettler of PwC presenting this session. Her presentation of this session to the Westchester-Fairfield Chapter received rave reviews.
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Publication:Tax Executive
Date:Nov 1, 2001
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