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Average reported rape cases stood at 12 per day, and the numbers of rapes and murders have been increasing each year. Reported rapes increased from 4,820 cases in 2003 to 5,052 cases in 2004 and 12 percent of these were in Bangkok. The number of cases filed to court tripled when compared with last decade. Victims were not restricted to women of fertile age, ranging from 2 years old to 80 years old. Worse still, only five percent of raped victims informed the Police because partly because over 80 percent of the rapists were acquaintances or trusted ones: lovers, friends, teachers, employers / superiors, and family members. The rapists were found in different occupations and many of them were highly educated. Rapes can occur in families, communities and workplaces. During a 7-day period (from July 27-August 2, 2005), the Office of Civil Service Commission received 13 reports of sexual abuses and harassment.

Factors leading to rape claimed by the report, included: "Media: pornographic movies, web-sites, magazines and videos. It was found that liquor and drug usage makes an offender more likely to offend, and lack of love, care and warmth within the family can lead to social problems and risky behaviors. Social belief is cited as another crucial factor, especially the Thai social value of disparate entitlement of rights and values between men and women.

Raped victims are affected physically and mentally. Some became pregnant, and then turned to abortion. Some were infected with AIDS. Some married couples became divorced. Those who were raped by their fathers or relatives, without proper assistance, are in despair, mentally and physically.

No clear measures have been enforced to guarantee safety for women and children. A proper solution is to promote cooperation of all parties concerned, ranging from families, education institutions, the government and the media.
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Publication:Voices of Thai Women
Date:May 1, 2006
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