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Highballs and the heart.

Highballs and the heart

In the latest and largest study of its kind, researchers in Boston found that compared with nondrinkers, middle-aged women who consume moderate amounts of alcohol have approximately half the risk of heart disease after adjustment for other coronary risk factors. Alcohol consumption was also associated with a decreased risk of ischemic stroke -- a potential complication of arterial disease in which blood and oxygen supply of the brain is blocked.

Similar associations have been noted in men, although the data on strokes have been conflicting. The associations in women, which the researchers say are "likely to be causal," were observed with as much as 25 grams of alcohol per day, or about 15 drinks per week. Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health report the findings in the Aug. 4 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE.
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Title Annotation:moderate alcohol use lowers risk of heart disease in women
Publication:Science News
Date:Aug 13, 1988
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