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High-visibility four-digit displays. (Product Tech Highlight: Displays).

Two super-red and super-yellow four-digit clock displays that provide exemplary readability even under bright ambient lighting were announced by Vishay. The displays -- with typical dominant wavelengths of 631 nm and 589 nm, respectively feature typical luminosity of 6 mcd per segment at 10 mA for full visibility at distances up to 7 m. Their readability is enhanced by 10 mm character size, a dark surface and untinted segments. Each display is designed with an active colon between the second and third digits, enabling it to serve as a clock display in televisions, set-top boxes, audio/video systems, microwave ovens and clock radios. Decimal dots also incorporated into the display design allow it to be used as a four-digit display in medical instrumentation, temperature indicators and measuring instruments. Discrete digit operation is possible with pinning. Based on AlinGaP technology, both the super-red TDCR1050/1060 and super-yellow TDCY1050/1060 are available in common anode and common cathode versions.

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Publication:ECN-Electronic Component News
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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