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High-styrene SBC slate gets broader. (Keeping up with Materials).

Kraton Polymers in Houston has launched three new versions of its high-styrene Kraton D-1400 series of styrene-butadiene copolymers (SBCs) to replace a single older grade, Kraton DP1401. The tough, high-clarity materials are suitable for drink cups, food-service plates, and containers and lids for yogurt, salad, and other foods. They are also aimed at films for fresh produce and envelope windows. High-styrene SBCs have low gel counts and low color and are well suited to modifying crystal PS.

* Grade D-1403P is a high-flow SBC tailored for higher output in injection molding and blown film. It contains wax and slip additives to facilitate shipping and bulk storage of moldings and extruded parts.

* Grade D-1493P is an unwaxed version of D-1403P aimed at applications where wax is undesirable--i.e., where oxygen transmission or improved adhesion or printability are critical.

* Grade D-1431P is a low-flow, high-melt-strength version aimed at sheet extrusion and thermoforming applications, including drink cups, plates, and lids. All three grades are recyclable and meet FDA requirements for food contact. Tel: (800) 457-2866,
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Title Annotation:Kraton Polymers launches three versions
Comment:High-styrene SBC slate gets broader. (Keeping up with Materials).(Kraton Polymers launches three versions)
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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