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High-strength tube offers lifeline to oil prospectors.

SANDVIK has introduced a hyper-duplex stainless tube material, which it says provides the ultra-high strength and corrosion resistance needed for the wellhead control systems for enhanced oil and gas recovery methods.

The SAF 3207 HD has been developed to meet demand for more remote and deeper subsea umbilicals--the electrical and hydraulic system lifelines that link remote subsea wellheads to the processing platforms. Sandvik said its higher yield strength would withstand increased pressures, enable thinner wall umbilicals, reduce reel sizes and lower installation costs.

The ability to withstand crevice corrosion at seawater temperature makes the new special-purpose material good for very deep umbilical applications in extreme conditions.

Use of the new grade will make it possible to develop installations that were previously thought to be too expensive and technologically unattainable.

SAF 3207 HD has a tensile strength of 980-1,180MPa and takes the operating temperature up to 90[degrees]C. Sandvik said it has good weldability.

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Title Annotation:TECHNOLOGY
Publication:Professional Engineering Magazine
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Date:May 7, 2008
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