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High-speed salad tray line from PFM.

A high-speed tray packing line that gives all round branding and requires minimum change-parts to handle cut salad and bulky produce in a wide range of different pack sizes has been developed by Italian manufacturer PFM. The first has been delivered to Spain.

"The user required high point-of-sale visibility with all round branding that, coupled to a need for quick changeover between different weights and sizes, pointed quite decisively to printed film overwrapping," explained PFM Sales & Operations Director, Chris Bolton.

"At 100/min, the line is also 25percent faster than other currently available lines of this type, mostly as a result of the new PFM MBP 16-head C2EW weigher" he added.

Fed with fresh produce such as lettuce leaves immediately from the washing plant, the weigher has been developed by PFM specifically for leaves and similar bulky produce, with double opening bucket flaps and a more powerful design of vibratory feeding system.

It sits above a carousel, which indexes to carry the trays below the discharge point and top pressing stations where the leaves are lightly tamped down into the trays before wrapping.

An internal dehumidifier within the weigher counters condensation. The wrapper is a PFM Mistral, equipped with a long dwell sealing system to provide high integrity gas-tight seals at elevated speeds.

Contact PFM on tel 0113 239 3401 or visit

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Comment:High-speed salad tray line from PFM.(PACKAGING: #foodpack)
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Date:Jan 1, 2015
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