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High-speed leak tester.

A new multi-channel leak detector reportedly achieves unprecedented test speeds for lower-cost leak testing in high-volume production. Newly launched by InterTech Development Inc., Skokie, Ill., the Multi-Channel M1075-94x Pressure Change Leak Detector has up to four independent test circuits, each with separate transducers. Company president Jacques Hoffmann says the new instrument bridges a gap for rigorous, high-volume leak testing. "Single channel leak detectors often take up too much space and create a drag on production in many faster assembly operations," he says. "The cost of using a four-channel leak tester instead of four separate single-channel units is considerably less. Dramatically improved throughput adds to the value of this solution for any test-intensive operation."

Six models are offered for two- or four- channel testing at high (0-10 psig), low (0-1 psig), or standard (0-3 psig) pressure. All units feature transducer repeatability of 0.05% F.S.D., transducer sensitivity of [<10.sup.-5] psi. Up to 1000 test records can be stored and analyzed statistically. An easy-to-use touchpanel displays test status and reasons for rejects. The M1075-94X can be used either alone or integrated with a PLC or PC.


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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Jan 1, 2009
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