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High-quality ventilator terminals.

A range of grilles, diffusers and external louvres for air-conditioning and ventilation system is being made in brass, aluminium and stainless steel by a British company. Pressprim specialises in the design and manufacture of such terminals for use in the petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and farming industries. Of particular interest is the range made from stainless steel. Unlike rival products, this range is made entirely from stainless steel, including all fixing components. This reduces the risk of corrosion and malfunction in such hazardous places as offshore oil platforms or the chemical industries. The blades on volume-control dampers have preset and lockable positions to simplify maintenance and to reduce the risk of tampering or any unauthorised adjustment to the damper setting.

Flexibility of manufacture means that any standard product can be modified or adapted to suit a specific application. The company has considerable expertise in the production of external weather louvres to architects' designs. Louvres can be made in a variety of shapes - hexagonal, round, inclined, triangular - as well as the more normal trapezium.
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Title Annotation:New Products
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Oct 1, 1992
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