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High-quality technical test in both official languages.

High-Quality Technical Test in Both Official Languages

As a registered owner of WordPerfect 5.0, I called the company's 800 line in Utah for my free (US$10.00 handling fee) Bitstream Fontware starter package. This package generates fonts in a variety of typefaces and sizes for HP LaserJet, DeskJet or Postscript compatible printers. In the process, it adds the character, proportional spacing and kerning tables to the PRINTER.ALL file. The starter pack includes Charter Roman and both Dutch and Swiss in Roman, italic and bold typefaces. I chose 11 point Dutch as my basic font and added both smaller sizes for sub/superscripts and larger sizes for titles. To use them, your printer must have RAM to store the fonts and you need software to download them. WordPerfect provides the latter. (Editor's Note: One point is 1/72 of an inch. The height is measured from top of letter to bottom of descender. This text is printed in 9 pt Century.)

With Bitstream's Tools utility you can generate custom character sets. To optimize my use of printer RAM (about half that for the HP Roman-8 set), I substituted {~} (ASCII 123, 124 and 125 resp.) with ".",'.'and the 'real'***" (ASCII 94, 96 and 126 resp.) for what may appear to be the same thing. From this point, WordPerfect knew what to do and placed the accents in both official languages plus several others.

Bitstream supplied me with two additional fonts for technical work. The Monospaced fonts are a must for tables as proportional spacing causes severe distortion. I altered the PRINTER.ALL file by dropping support of redline and strikeout then defined two sizes of the Swiss monospaced for them. This simplified the job of including properly aligned tables within a document.

The Symbol set produces the various HP, Postscript, Ventura and GEM symbol sets as well as several sets of Dingbats. I made a Math 8a set, which includes a few symbols and a complete Greek alphabet, in both proportionally spaced and sans serif monospaced typefaces. The other character sets provide additional mathematical symbols. Some program errors were found, but these could be rectified by digging into the PRINTER.ALL file. [mu] was placed in the WordPerfect character set as a micro rather than into the Greek alphabet. With PTR, the information from the character and proportional spacing tables for 6,37 (micro) was inserted into 8,25 (mu). The same procedure was needed for a final sigma ([sigma]) and degrees ([degrees]). These are prepared as 12,82 and 12,71 and should be changed to 8,39 and 6,36 respectively. The character table needs correction only once, but the proportional spacing tables must be corrected for each font size.

Creating fonts is a straightforward process from a simple menu. The fonts to be used are then chosen with WordPerfect's printer select and edit menus. During printing, a lack of consistent line spacing was apparent. To avoid this, set the line height at fixed line spacing rather than automatic. The Fontware software consumes over 2 M of disk space and can be deleted after preparing all the fonts you might need. Murphy's Law says you will have to install it again. The Bitstream fonts result in a document of professional quality in both (and several other) official languages. Adding the monospaced and symbol fonts extends the capability to handle the tables, symbols and equations required for technical reports, papers and text books. It is a sin to hold back an HP printer by keeping to the built-in font set.
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Author:Silbert, Marvin D.
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Article Type:evaluation
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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