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High-pressure, high-heat foam spray machine.

A new vertical-drive, high-pressure metering unit for PUR foams and polyurea coatings is said to develop pressures up to 3000 psi at 20 lb/min, and 2000 psi at 25 lb/min. The higher pressures reportedly cause more thorough mixing in the gun. Unlike most vertical pumps, which suffer from excessive pressure on the upstroke, the HV-20/35 hydraulic proportioner from Gusmer Corp., Lakewood, N.J., equalizes pressure imbalances via a new ball valve and pressure-compensator valve. This is said to yield an extremely consistent spray pattern, virtually free of fluctuations during pump reversal. A larger pump requires fewer strokes to develop maximum spray pressures, which also improves pattern consistency.

This compact machine (22 x 35 x 46 in. tall) is mounted on removable casters. Available with 6000W or 9000W heaters, the HV-20/35 is said to have the highest heat output on the market to reduce viscosity and enhance spray homogeneity. Tel: (800) 367-4767,

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Title Annotation:Keeping Up With Urethanes
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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