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High-performance angular contact bearings.

NSK's recently introduced range of high performance angular contact bearings for industrial pumps has an optimised internal design that contributes significantly to lower running costs, allows downscaling of components, and saves energy by extending maintenance intervals. The optimised design delivers up to 50 percent more bearing life compared to standard angular contact bearings, and an improvement in basic dynamic load rating of approximately 13 percent.

NSK is a major supplier to the global pump market and has worked with manufacturers to develop the new angular contact bearings. Pumps are used in all key industries across the world, including petrochemical, pulp and paper and the food industry, and are required to be energy efficient and highly reliable. NSK's new high performance angular contact bearings have been developed specifically to meet these requirements, at the same time providing additional benefits such as size reduction, much improved bearing life and reduced maintenance.

The new design of the high performance angular contact bearings has optimised all key areas of the bearing construction. Basic dynamic load has been improved by approximately 13 percent, by reviewing ball diameter and optimising the internal design of the bearing rings and cage. As a result, bearing life has been extended by approximately 50 percent in comparison with standard angular contact bearings.

The improvements in overall bearing design also extend to the bearing cage. By improving the shape and guiding method of the copper alloy cage, the space between the rings and cage has been optimised, resulting in improved properties of inflow and discharge of lubricant through the bearings. In addition to the improved life and dynamic load benefits, the high performance angular contact bearings also offer interchange ability with existing AC bearings for ease of mounting. The interchangeable matching of universal arrangement, single-row angular contact ball bearings is facilitated by the dimensional and running accuracy of the new bearings, to ISO tolerance class 6.

The high performance range is designated the 7300 series, and is available from 15mm bore to 80mm bore. The bearings can be retrofitted during general maintenance to upgrade standard industrial bearings, or included during the initial pump design to provide superior operating performance.

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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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