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High-dose therapy plus BMT improve survival in follicular lymphoma patients.

High-dose radiochemotherapy (HDRC) with subsequent autologous bone marrow transplantation (ABMT) improves the estimated 10-year risk of death and relapse in follicular lymphoma patients in first complete or partial remission, according to the results of a phase II trial reported by researchers at Stanford (CA) University Medical Center.

At a median follow-up of 6.5 years, the estimated 10-year survival of 37 patients who underwent HCRC plus ABMT was 86% (97%, if lymphoma-related deaths were excluded). Two patients died of early transplant-related causes, 2 died of late acute leukemia, and 10 patients relapsed after transplantation. The estimated probability of death and relapse at 10 years was 14% and 30%, respectively, in the transplanted group-percentages that were considerably lower than the historical cohort of 188 similar patients. In addition, while survival in reference patients was adversely affected by high initial tumor burden and incomplete response to chemotherapy, it was not affected by these parameters in patients receiving HCRC plus ABMT. (Blood 2001;97:404-409.)
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Comment:High-dose therapy plus BMT improve survival in follicular lymphoma patients.
Publication:Transplant News
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Date:Mar 16, 2001
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