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High wired act: Best Buy's Networked Home Solutions has the tech bases covered.

Any new house worth its high price tag needs to provide state-of-the-art amenities for living in the 21st century. Said house would need the best security, an integrated home theater/music system, and perhaps a whole-house connection for the gamers therein. The Ultimate Family Home has all of these and more, thanks to structured wiring by Best Buy's Networked Home Solutions and a wealth of the latest technology.

As the company explains it, the networked home solutions package, simply put, is a plan for having the house wired for any conceivable technology that homeowners desire before the walls go up. This puts messy wires behind the walls and home buyers won't need a degree from MIT to set up their system. The structured wiring serves as the foundation for the whole-house network system and includes a long list of components that include gaming, music, movies, and security.

At the front door, a Web-enabled touchscreen keypad controls lights, garage doors, and security.

The screen allows each member of a household to have a separate profile and pin number.

In the family room, pull-out components flanking the flat-screen television feature two sets of systems: one dedicated to the family room, the other for whole-house control. The secondary kitchen features a new countertop iCEBOX all-in-one entertainment center with TV, Internet, DVD/CD, radio, and home monitoring capabilities. A flipscreen iCEBOX is installed in the main kitchen. And lastly, the house has 16 new Sonance volume controls with built-in amplifiers, which remove the need for space-eating source equipment.

You can never future-proof a house, but Best Buy says its wiring package will handle all of today's technologies and have capacity for many of tomorrow's. Circle no. 125.

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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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