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We're increasingly time-poor. We're working longer hours than ever, so finding time to work out can be increasingly difficult.

So as time is at a premium, the industry's catering to our needs by increasing short yet effective workouts such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Dave Kyle, head trainer for Les Mills UK, said: "A huge trend for 2015 will be convenience and time efficiency. Whereas previous years we've heard about extreme and tough workouts, 2015 will see more classes and workouts being offered that fit in and complement our busy lifestyles.

"HIIT isn't brand new but it's certainly a trend that will continue and grow in 2015. HIIT classes like Les Mills GRIT are typically 30 minutes and the feedback we've had is phenomenal. Participants love the fast and furious approach, and the fact it delivers results and fits into their schedule." ANY TIME, ANY PLACE Fancy pumping iron at 2am? Hitting that treadmill at midnight? No problem - it's getting easier to work out around the clock, and PureGym, the UK's leading 24/7 gym, now sees 20 per cent of its members training at night, so shift workers can still benefit.

Despite the common advice not to exercise too closely to bedtime, PureGym general manager Lee Greenall said some people might find nocturnal workouts helpful.

He said: "A lot of people complain about not being able to sleep at night. This is because people store too much energy at the end of a normal working day. Their eyes might feel heavy but their body is ready to release more energy.

"If you listen to your body, it will make you feel a lot happier and replenished, helping you to close Les Mills are also predicting their at a prescribed time, virtual classes In 2014, you might well have found our range of movement and offsetting the damage of sedentary lifestyles.

"Functional training is a term that describes training the body in the way it was designed to move, and also to make exercise support an individual's goals," said Gillian Reeves, national group exercise manager at Virgin Active. "A lot of our movement these days is in the sagittal plane, movement that goes forwards and back, like walking, cycling, sitting at a desk.

"Our joints are designed to move three-dimensionally but we typically put our bodies into positions that are sitting down with flexed hips and internally-rotated and rounded shoulders. Doing this without including any functional exercise into your week can give you movement dysfunctions and injuries over time, and reduce your range as you age."

In 2015, Virgin Active will focus not only on getting us moving more, but 'working up a sweat with a purpose'. The Grid, their exciting new addition, will see us "being more mindful of our movement and recovery", according to Andy Birch, the brand's head of exercise and wellbeing.

In four formats - Lean, Fit, Strong and Active - the classes are an evolution of the HIIT/crossfit/circuits philosophy, incorporating numerous apparatus and engaging the whole body. "Grid classes are the ultimate in 30-minute tough workouts," added Andy.

STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY More women than ever have started including weight training into their fitness regime. Could our 'I'll look like a bodybuilder' fears finally be gone for good? A beautifully honed bicep and sculpted quads are now the most envied curves in town, it seems, and industry insiders class and FGT (freestyle group training) HIIT class to be popular.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 4, 2015
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