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High time, the razor bump expert, extends reach.

RENO, Nev. -- Forty-two years ago, H.R. Phillips, president and chief executive officer of High Time Products Inc., brought the very first razor bump relief product to market, placing ads in both Jet and Ebony magazines in 1972 to draw attention to it.

Now with over 32 million units sold and with other companies attracted to the category, High Time stands alone as the originator and pioneer of a growing and lucrative industry. Prior to Phillips' revolutionary discovery, it was believed that the only solution to the razor bump problem was to either stop shaving altogether or use a depilatory method of shaving, which proved to be intolerable for many shavers.

This problem has been a troublesome factor not only for men of color, but for many other men as well. It has also led to serious consequences for many women who shave their legs, underarms or bikini areas. The problem, simply put, can be attributed to coarse, curly hair that is formed in curved follicles and when shaved too closely at acute angles creates needlepoint-like tips that easily reenter the skin, causing razor bumps or ingrowing hairs, a condition referred to medically as pseudofoliculits barbae, or simply PFB.

Initially Phillips marketed his revolutionary product in black barber shops. Phillips knew he had a winner when the barbers started charging huge markups for his razor bump product and kept it under lock and key. Since then his Bump Stopper products have steadily gained a loyal following, not just among African-Americans but other groups as well.

High Time Products continues today to innovate and create new products specifically designed with problem shavers in mind. From its alcohol-free Liquid Bump Stopper Plus Razor Rash Relief to its reformulated, easier-to-use Shaving Gel and Moisture Enriched Shaving Cream, High Time is setting the pace. The company's focus has been on its two groundbreaking products, Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin Razor Bump Treatment and the enormously popular Bump Stopper-2 Double Strength Razor bump Treatment.

For men who prefer a cleans-haven head appearance, High Time Products' Dare to Be Bald Scalp Moisturizer and Conditioner is becoming quite popular. As this product moisturizes and protects the scalp, it also provides a lasting sheen that most men desire.

The question that is often asked is what makes Bump Stopper so effective, in view of its longevity, its safety record and its remarkable number of units sold over the years. When Phillips, with his pharmacy training and extensive chemistry background, began researching to find a solution for ingrowing hair, a problem that he too encountered, he noted that one of the primary ingredients was able to safely slough away surface skin tissue, thus exposing and releasing the ingrowing hairs.

Ingredients known for this type of action are called keratolytic compounds and are categorized as a group. Phillips studied all of them diligently and finally decided on one that met all the requirements that he had set. Combining this ingredient, which is unique in that Bump Stopper and Bump Stopper-2 alone use it, with some other key ingredients, these products have remained the same for 40 years.

It is important to note also that all Bump Stopper products are alcohol free. This allows for greater sustainability per application and also permits any shaver, including a depilatory shaver, to use these products. Women who wax can also use Bump Stopper.

Bump Stopper products have been clinically tested by two separate clinical trial groups.

They were initially tested by the Army Air Force Department of Dermatology in 1991 with conclusive results that stated: "Bump Stopper and Bump Stopper-2 razor bump treatments are outstanding for the control and management of PFB. They have a pleasant scent and do not burn or sting when applied (two to three times a day)."

A second study was conducted by an independent dermatologist association in 2009 utilizing blind studies and a range of patients. The study reached the following conclusion: "Ninety percent of the participating patients that used Bump Stopper sensitive skin treatment saw excellent results both in reduction of razor bumps and in the dramatic improvement of skin tone, whereas 100% of those using Bump Stopper-2 Double Strength razor bump treatment reported the same results."

After repeated requests, High Time is addressing the female market this year with its newly repackaged Lady Bump Stopper line for women. Although strikingly similar in appearance to its men's products, there are distinct characteristics that separate the two lines. The most prominent difference is the inclusion of hair growth inhibitors in the Lady Bump Stopper line. These inhibitors minimize, when used regularly, the regrowth of unwanted hair, particularly on legs, underarms and in bikini areas.

Today Phillips and his family continue to innovate in the category. His son, Michael, has joined the efforts, drawing on extensive training in chemistry and a background in mathematics and engineering, which enable him to take on technological challenges.

Source: Minority Business Development Agency
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