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High strength epoxy.

Supreme 10HT is said to combine high shear and peel strengths with convenient handling. This one-part system is said to eliminate mixing and cures in just 60-75 minutes at 250[degrees]F. It can withstand severe cryogenic temperatures to extreme heat with a temperature range of 4K to +400[degrees]F. Supreme 10HT is said to offer exceptional physical properties including tensile shear strength in excess of 3,600 psi and T-peel strength up to 30 pli. It superior flexibility and toughness enable it to resist thermal cycling, mechanical shock, vibration and stress fatigue cracking. Supreme 10HT can also withstand exposure to a wide variety of chemicals, such as water, oils, fuels, solvents, acids and bases, according to the manufacturer. The cured epoxy is said to be a superior electrical insulator. The viscosity remains constant and will not thicken with time. (Master Bond)

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Title Annotation:Suppliers Showcase: Chemicals/Materials
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Aug 1, 2012
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