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High speed valve liquid nitrogen injection system.

Vacuum Barrier introduces their new NITRODOSE[R] HSV (High Speed Valve) liquid nitrogen injection system designed to handle all PET bottle and thin-wall can line speeds with the greatest precision. The system is equipped with touch screen Allen-Bradley or Siemens based PLC controls, dose compensation logic and Vacuum Barrier's advanced dosing valve that delivers pure, single phase liquid nitrogen with the greatest accuracy and precision to meet the most stringent specifications and the lowest delivery pressure to minimise splashing. Vacuum Barrier offers a complete line of liquid nitrogen injection/inerting equipment with units to meet all line speeds. All Vacuum Barrier systems provide the lowest liquid nitrogen consumption with the highest efficiency vacuum insulation, operate frost-free, can withstand high pressure water or chemical clean up and are CE compliant. For forty seven years Vacuum barrier has remained the only supplier who engineers and manufacturers their own sealed and dynamic vacuum insulated cryogenic equipment. NITRODOSE[R] liquid nitrogen injection/inerting systems are available only from Vacuum Banier and their select group of worldwide distributors.

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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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