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High speed, accurate stacker pays dividends.

Rubber compounder Toyo Tyre & Rubber Australia Ltd. has installed a cooler/stacker system at its new production plant. Toyo manufactures rubber strips and sheets, as well as calendered material for customers all over Australia. Toyo required a system that was fast and accurate with the flexibility to handle products of different shapes, sizes and viscosities.

According to Toyo, the system stacks rubber strips with such speed and accuracy that the company is getting higher loads per pallet. Because each pallet stack is so stable, it can be completely wrapped in shrink plastic for transport, according to the company. This is said to have eliminated the use of returnable wire baskets for this purpose. The bottom line is said to be lower transport costs.

The combined cantilever cooling and multifunctional MHD III stacker is said to be the most versatile machine on the market today. Toyo specified a cooler/ stacker to process both soft and hard compounds, and with the flexibility to stack endless sheet, cut sheets or strips. Because Toyo also processes high tack compounds, the automatic stacking option with foil separation was also included.

The cantilever cooling system was designed to meet the growing demand for a machine that would process small rubber strips and also masterbatches of endless sheet or cut sheet. The system's modular design with anti-tack dip tank, and carousel cooling and drying festoon rack with up to 40 ventilators, can be flexibly adapted to specific cooling requirements. When the cantilever cooler is combined with the multifunctional MHD III stacker, Toyo is said to have a high speed and accurate system with a production capacity of up to three tons per hour.

The MHD III stacker is said to be the only machine on the market today that can be configured for any or all of a number of stacking options. These include single strip of varying widths, simultaneous two-strip stacking, fully controlled stacking of endless sheet or perforated sheet, as well as automatic sheet cutting and stacking with or without foil separation. An optional correction system automatically adjusts for even the slightest deviation to give stable, accurate stacking every time, according to the company.

The MHD III is said to have an excellent track record for stacking unvulcanized rubber strip for extruder, strainer and molding machine applications.

The cantilever batch-off with MHD stacker is part of a complete range of robust millroom and rubber compound handling equipment engineered and manufactured by the company, all of which is designed for 24-hour operation in heavy duty millroom environments. Tire building and testing systems are also supplied.

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Date:Dec 22, 2006
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